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A  T  E  V  I     C  H  I  L  D  R  E  N  '  S     T  V

Originally posted in July 2001
Edited slightly for the sake of clarity.

No spoilers.

Hautbaby and Hautgirl had me up *way* too early this morning, and in a vain attempt to get them sitting quietly in one spot for awhile, I turned on the TV, only to be assaulted by Mr. Rogers. He's warbling away:

You are my friend 
You are special 
You are my friend 
You're special to me. 
You are the only one like you. 
Like you, my friend, I like you. 
I think, what if this were an Atevi kids show? It'd be Nadi Rogers singing:
You are my associate, 
You are special
You are my associate
You're within my man'chi
You are the only one like you
My associate, I regard you highly.
Hmm. Okay, how about Barney?
I'm associated with you,
You're associated with me,
We're all in the same man'chi....
Okay, so I have a twisted sense of humor.

Nooooooooo, what a corruption of the atevi young! 
The Western Association will never be the same!
*Somewhere there is a lot of Filing of Intent going on*

Even sicker. I know you're all avid watchers of Mr. Rogers. He often has guests on. I can imagine the Atevi version.

Nadi Rogers: There's the doorbell, I wonder who it is? Oh, it's my neighbor Banichi of Dajoshu township of Talidi province! Hello, Nadi! May I introduce my television neighbor?

Banichi: Honored.

Nadi Rogers: My associate Banichi is an assassin. Isn't that right, nadi?

Banichi: Yes.

Nadi Rogers: But you don't take contracts on little boys and girls, do you, nadi?

Banichi: Only, nadi, little boys and girls who don't eat their vegetables. A small joke, Nadi Rogers. No, the guild will by no means accept contracts against little boys and girls.

Nadi Rogers: Nadi Banichi, would you show my television neighbor your guns? I'm sure you have quite a collection.

Banichi: Delighted.

Later in the show, in the Land of Make Believe, when Fraidei Aiji receives declaration of Intent, Tusdei, the heir of Fraidei Aiji, is worried that an assassin will target him as well. His associates assure him that Fraidei Aiji's enemies won't file on such a young child, and they advise him that, for future security, it might be prudent to reconsider his house's historical opposition to Tabini Aiji. 

I don't know Mr. Roger, but even so...LOL!

If you visit you can fiind out about Nadi Rogers. You can even hear all the songs. He's been on forever--ever since I can remember, and that's saying something--and only this year stopped making new episodes.

Very often, Mr. Rogers will visit a fire station, or a doctor's office, or someplace like that, and address issues that might scare small children--"Now, when you're all dressed up in your fire fighting clothes, you look scary, but you're not a monster, are you?" "No, Mr. Rogers, even though I may look scary dressed like that, I help girls and boys when they're in trouble."

As a kid, I was always bored stiff by him, and puzzled by his habit of changing his clothes every time he came home. 

the mule:
The UK equivalent would probably be Blue Peter or in Ateva
"Flag of Intent"

"Now little assasins, today we are going to make a servicable MK1 laser pistol using only a ruby, two yoghurt cartons, a 9v battery and some sticky-backed plastic!"


Mule....wouldn't that be the Atevi version of MacGyver? 

Interestingly enough...Mr. Rogers was partnered originally with the gentleman who went on to become Mr. Dressup in Canada!

Remember the Tickle trunk kiddies....or Casey and Finnegan?

"Now nadiin....let's dig in the tickle trunk and find some would you dress as a human? No..put down the mecheita horn!"

ROTFLMAO!  Hautdesert, this post is brilliant!

*Leaning against a wall chuckling*

I can just see it...

*The sound of a door bell*

Mr. Rogers: Who can that Be Nandi- boys and girs? let us see...

*Goes to the door and opens it to reveal the Postman*

Mr. Rogers: Greetings Nadi Postman

Postman: Greetings Nadi Rogers. I have a letter for you

*hands over a leter then bows and leaves*

*Mr. Rogers closes the door and opens the leter*

Mr. Rogers: oh my... Look here nandi Boys and Girls... I've have just recieved an notification that someone has Filled Intent against me.....

(Please forgive any mispellings, it's early and I'm tired)

Bwahahahaha!  Nadi Chajo, it's a good thing I wasn't drinking tea when I read that!

*bows to Nadi haut*

Thank you, I try my best. Though the Lurking Lizard was, apparently incapacitiated with laughter at your Post, She apparently remembers watching Nadi Rogers, and asked that I post her thoughts

*bows again with a grin*

One could perhaps take this too far:

"But...nadi Luis, who would wish to file Intent on Hooper-aiji?"
"One can ask, nand Big Bird. One can *suspect*. The man'chi of nadi Snuffleupagus is not entirely clear."
"A cookie, nadi Elmo?"
"Nand Cookie Monster, are you *certain* that chocolate macaroons are still in proper season?"
"One! One empty shell casing! Two! Two empy shell casings! Three! No, four! An infelicitous number of empty shell casings on Hooper-aiji's doorstep. Heh, heh, heh!"
[Please forgive any improper forms or spellings. No offense is intended.]

<wiping a tear from my eye>

Oh you're killin' me! I can't laugh like this at this hour .. something's gonna bust! 

Welcome chaosisrael ... no need to worry about offending anyone with spelling ... everyone I have met here seems to be really laid back. This is a very friendly place. Anyhow .. if I havent' done everyone in with my strategic misplacement of apostrophes, along with other displays of typing and grammatical [lack of] prowess, I am inclined to think your'e in the pink!

WHAT? I will not stand for this! Anyone who cannot speel will be kicked out of hear imediatly! I mean it! 

Just kidding. Warm welcome to the Pit, chaosisrael. Great first post, btw. I thoroughly enjoyed it. (Hee hee!)

LOL.  Good entrance, chaosisrael!


You said we could take it too far, so I was going to post "The Atevitubbies" but I'm helpless with laughter....

And I'm (somewhat off-topically) reminded of something I read about translating the Sesame Street song into Klingon and back again into English--it came out

A day of the daytime star.
The clouds are compelled to commence fleeing, and are filled with dread.
I have a destination;
and there, because of the atmosphere, I am pleased.
Describe to me immediately
how to go to Sesame Street.
Bwahahaha! chaosisrael, what a debut!!! 

Glad to know my, uh, humor is sometimes appreciated!
Thanks, everyone.

Holy go away for a few days and everyone goes extra silly!!! 

My guess is that the Count would outrank Big Bird eh?

But would Oscar be Assassin's guild? Hmmmm

GREAT openers!!!! Well come new person! We validate you! 

I wonder what the opening to Mr. Roger's would be in Klingon?

tee hee

Kymmee: [2 months later]
OK, I am kicking this up way late, but I just saw, remembering mod status now- change that to I just REMEMBERED it, yeah.

Anyway, this:
One! One empty shell casing! Two! Two empy shell casings! Three! No, four! An infelicitous number of empty shell casings on Hooper-aiji's doorstep. Heh, heh, heh!"

About made me pee myself. No lie, That is freaking hilarious!

LOL, thanks for the bump, Kymmee. I love this thread!