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Shejidan Live Chat:  13 October 2002

Part 1:  Arrivals, Golf, the mystery guest, and Mini-Muffins.
Part 2:  CJC's next book, Lord of the Rings, national anthems, and vacuuming.
Part 3:  Red Dragon, snow, on-line nicknames, and UN-see.
Part 4:  Touch typing, the Idiocy of CKTC, porridge, and the Virtual Cat.
Part 5:  Hat, squares, hordes, Red Dwarf, and the end.

[14:03] hautdesert is now Available
[14:03] sevenall is now Available
[14:03] ansikalden is now Available
[14:03] sabina is now Available
[14:03] cktc is now Available
[12:54]    Ansikalden:   Bra ide! Få se nu om jag kommer ihåg hur...
[12:55]    sevenall:   Jag har fortfarande svenskt tangentbord -- förvirrande. Det kommer nog bli mycket spring, heta debatter...
[12:55]    sevenall:   And back to English it is...
[12:55]    hautdesert:   Help! I don't read Swedish!
[12:55]    sevenall:   Hello, haut!
[12:55]    hautdesert:   Hi!
[12:55]    Ansikalden:     I've brought tea!
[12:56]    hautdesert:   Yay! Oooh, speaking of which, i need a warmer for real. right back...
[12:56]    sevenall:   Ansi, you're a darling! Um, what kind of tea?
[12:56]    sevenall:   Reminds me that I haven't had lunch yet...
[12:56]    Ansikalden:   There's a brew for all tastes
[12:57]    sevenall:   How true.
[12:58]    hautdesert:   I haven't had lunch, either. Mr. Haut is in charge. He's warming up leftover curry.
[12:58]    hautdesert:   Yay! another one!
[12:58]    hautdesert:   Hi, Sabina!
[12:58]    Ansikalden:   How was the bookfair?
[12:58]    sevenall:   Hi, Sabina!
[12:59]    hautdesert:   Oooh, yes, the bookfair! How was it?
[12:59]    Sabina:   Hello, Bookfair was great, but I still somehwat tired
[13:00]    sevenall:   BRB
[14:03] === cktc has joined
[14:03]    hautdesert:   CK and HP are online but in the wrong chatroom...
[14:03]    hautdesert:   Hey, CK!
[14:03]    CKTC:   Aha!
[14:03]    hautdesert:   Is HP finding us?
[14:03]    CKTC:   Hello, let me get HP.
[14:03]    Ansikalden:   Welcome!
[14:03] susan is now Available
[14:03] === susan has joined
[14:04]    Sabina:   hello
[14:04]    Susan:   Hello, all.
[14:04]    hautdesert:   Susan!!! I didn't get a chance to welcome you back yet!
[14:04] heritagepartier is now Available
[14:04] === heritagepartier has joined
[14:04]    Susan:   Haut, I had the impression you were busy doing something or other, and I was exhausted.
[14:04]    hautdesert:   And now HP has found us!
[14:04]    CKTC:   Woohoo! Hi, HP, my fellow lost poster.
[14:04]    hautdesert:   Yep, I was newslettering, with much profanity.
[14:04]    hautdesert:   Still am, actually. I'm waiting for corrections.
[14:05] heritagepartier is now Available
[14:05] heritagepartier is now Available
[14:05]    Susan:   A profane newsletter about new music. "New #%^#!* Music," it's called
[14:05] heritagepartier is now Available
[14:05]    hautdesert:   LOL! I wish.
[14:05] ansikalden is now Available (Online)
[14:05]    Susan:   Hiya, Ansi
[14:05] heritagepartier is now Wants to Chat (Wants to Chat)
[14:06] heritagepartier is now Away (Away)
[14:06]    Ansikalden:   hi Susan...
[14:06]    hautdesert:   Okay, then HP, let's chat.
[14:06]    hautdesert:   HP is playing with her presence, I think.
[14:06] === heritagepartier has left
[14:06]    CKTC:   Hmmm. I think so.
[14:06]    Susan:   What are we going to chat about?
[14:06]    sevenall:   But she just went away :)
[14:06]    CKTC:   Doh! Bye HP.
[14:06]    Susan:   HP???
[14:06] heritagepartier is now Available
[14:06] === heritagepartier has joined
[14:06]    hautdesert:   Having trouble, HP?
[14:06]    Susan:   Stay with us, now, HP
[14:06]    Sabina:   Propably the program, HP?
[14:06]    HeritagePartier:   Phew! Got here finally
[14:06]    sevenall:   Now you see HP, now you don't...
[14:06]    CKTC:   Either that or she's really indecisive.
[14:06]    CKTC:   Hullo hullo!
[14:06]    Susan:   Now you just set a while and rest a bit
[14:07]    Ansikalden:   :)
[14:07]    Susan:   I'm supposed to be working even as we chat. I'm not.
[14:07]    hautdesert:   You deserve a break. YOu've been workinghard all weekend, I think.
[14:07]    HeritagePartier:   I just needed to rove around the commands and figure out where I was. Susan, I hope you're good at double tasking. :)
[14:07]    Ansikalden:   this is more important, yes? ;)
[14:08]    CKTC:   Are you working from home or the office?
[14:08]    Susan:   This weekend, last weekend, the whole bloody week in bloody Scottsdale. Those resort conferences are no fun unless you play golf. I'm at home, CK.
[14:08]    CKTC:   I just posted a message at the chat thread so hopefully if there are any others lost out there, we can get them here eventually.
[14:08]    HeritagePartier:   cktc, I'm not indecisive, I'm overwhelmed by advanced knowledge. :)
[14:08]    Susan:   Poor lil lost lambs.
[14:08]    CKTC:   LOL.
[14:09]    Susan:   Yoo-hoo, sevenall, you're allegedly here but haven't heard from you.
[14:09]    hautdesert:   Overwhelmed by advanced knowledge--I like that!
[14:09]    HeritagePartier:   So do I! It was so enticing a concept that I parted with the cash to achieve it.
[14:09]    sevenall:   Susan: Oh, I'm here, just multi-tasking, like you.
[14:09]    hautdesert:   Golf is okay. You get fresh air. But I bet they expect you to play it well, don't they.
[14:09]    Susan:   I don't think I can really multi task. Maybe I'll try, though.
[14:10]    HeritagePartier:   Golf? Hey, we've had snow flurries here.
[14:10]    CKTC:   I can't stand golf. I've tried playing it a few times, but I was bored out of my mind.
[14:10]    sevenall:   Chat is all about multi-tasking :-) Now golf... it's unexpectedly difficult to play well.
[14:10]    CKTC:   I do like driving golf carts though. They're fun to race.
[14:10]    hautdesert:   Well, it's boring if you pay attention. If you just swing the club around a bit and have a beer or two, that' sfun.
[14:10]    Ansikalden:   Can't stand golf - childhood trauma
[14:10]    CKTC:   Childhood trauma?
[14:10]    sevenall:   Someone didn't yell fore?
[14:11]    HeritagePartier:   Oh, dear, ansi.
[14:11]    hautdesert:   Supposedly my grandmother was a big golfer and got a hole in one, once.
[14:11]    hautdesert:   I've only played twice, and still don't know how to play it.
[14:11]    CKTC:   Cool. My father got a hole in one once too. He was floating for a week, he was so happy.
[14:11]    sevenall:   I only know that when hole-in-one happens, you must buy everyone on the range champagne.
[14:11]    hautdesert:   Oh, I bet he was!
[14:11]    hautdesert:   Everyone???
[14:11]    CKTC:   I've only played a few times too. I have no intention of keeping with it.
[14:11]    CKTC:   Eep.
[14:11]    HeritagePartier:   That sounds like a specific course rule. Haven't heard of it.
[14:12]    sevenall:   Yep.There's a special insurance for when that happens.
[14:12]    HeritagePartier:   Champagne insurance? I wonder at the cost.
[14:12]    hautdesert:   I'm still wondering about ansi's childhood trauma...
[14:12]    Susan:   I went off an expanded on the Administrative Fee. And look at all I missed.
[14:12]    sevenall:   I wonder, period. And childhood trauma I want to hear more about.
[14:13]    sevenall:   Supposedly, the champagne is to be bought at the clubhouse and they know how to charge.
[14:13]    CKTC:   Yeah, me too. What happened, Ansi?
[14:13]    Susan:   Anybody's childhood trauma? Like never being able to serve the volleyball over the net?
[14:13]    Susan:   Is yours worse than that, Ansi?
[14:13]    CKTC:   Tactico is trying to get in, I think.
[14:14]    Ansikalden:   They made me smuggle a golf-club-set through custums!
[14:14]    Ansikalden:   Poor naive me!
[14:14]    Susan:   Goodness! Hidden in your body?
[14:14]    CKTC:   ROFL
[14:14]    Ansikalden:   I'd have Filed Intent - but I hadn't read Foreigner yet, then.
[14:14]    Susan:   It's always a mistake not to have read Foreigner yet.
[14:14]    Ansikalden:   I'll never get over it!
[14:15]    CKTC:   What did they do? Frisk you? Search you? Were you detained? Over golf clubs? Why?
[14:15]    Ansikalden:   I can't stand hearing about golf!
[14:15]    Susan:   We could change the subject.
[14:15]    CKTC:   Okay. We'll switch subjects then. Hmm.... what to talk about....
[14:16]    Susan:   The evolution of the central nervous system, which gets very nervous.
[14:16]    sevenall:   Susan: Must be.
[14:16]    sevenall:   Did you walk with your back very straight?
[14:16]    sevenall:   Volleyballs, Susan? :)
[14:16]    sevenall:   Okay, that was weird...
[14:16]    Susan:   Shame, shame, endless shame. The only kid who couldn't serve a volleyball.
[14:16] Sabi is now Available
[14:16] === Sabi has joined
[14:16]    CKTC:   Okay. Uh, who is Sabi?
[14:16]    CKTC:   Hello.
[14:16]    Ansikalden:   They just looked at me and fetched my parents - who were ignorant of the whole sheme (or I would never have spoken to them again). They had to bil me out, the... IGNOMINY!
[14:16]    Susan:   I was just wondering that myself. Can't be Sabina, can it?
[14:17]    CKTC:   If there are two of her, maybe.
[14:17]    CKTC:   Poor Ansi!
[14:17]    Susan:   We have a ringer.
[14:17]    CKTC:   What's a ringer?
[14:17]    Susan:   Poor Ansi.
[14:17]    Sabina:   Take a guess, lets see how long Jabberzilla is letting me stay
[14:17]    sevenall:   I don't want to talk about the evolution of the's all I do at work. I say Evil Twin.
[14:17]    Susan:   A ringer is someone posing as a member of the group. Like a police spy, for example.
[14:17]    sevenall:   Oh, Sabina is going undercover!
[14:18]    CKTC:   Hello, Sabi, do we know you, or are you just lurking? :)
[14:18]    Ansikalden:   Sabi?
[14:18]    CKTC:   Oh!
[14:18]    Susan:   No, a strange person is pretending to be Sabina. For nefarious purposes.
[14:18]    Sabi:   Neither,
[14:18]    Sabina:   I´m Sabi, too
[14:18]    sevenall:   And for money.
[14:18]    CKTC:   Neither. Hmm! A mystery then.
[14:18]    Susan:   One of is getting cute about his/her/its name?
[14:18]    Ansikalden:   Huh?
[14:18] damiriji is now Available
[14:19] === damiriji has joined
[14:19]    CKTC:   Hola, Miri-ji!
[14:19]    Ansikalden:   damiriji!
[14:19]    Sabi:   Hi Damiriji
[14:19]    Susan:   Meant "one of us". Hi, Damiriji
[14:19]    sevenall:   Hello, damiri, now we're felicitous nine!
[14:19]    damiriji:   Good morning. *yawn*
[14:19]    CKTC:   Sweet. Nine is good.
[14:19]    Susan:   But one of us is mysterious. Does the mysterious one count?
[14:19]    CKTC:   Well, Sabi, may I offer you some tea? It's a tradition with us.
[14:20]    CKTC:   Sure he/she? counts.
[14:20]    Susan:   Could be a dead animal. We do have roadkill members.
[14:20]    Sabi:   I am Sabina, just using two programs
[14:20]    CKTC:   Heh!
[14:20]    sevenall:   I'm time-lagged here, which is annoying.
[14:20]    Susan:   Split personality?
[14:20]    Ansikalden:   Sabina just made a group by herself...
[14:20] sevenall is now Away (away)
[14:20]    CKTC:   How much of a lag?
[14:21]    CKTC:   Is this a good time for most people? 2PM EST? I figure it would be during waking hours for most of us.
[14:21] sevenall is now Available
[14:21] === ansikalden has left
[14:21] === sabina has left
[14:21] === Sabi has left
[14:21] === heritagepartier has left
[14:21]    CKTC:   Kymmee can't get connected.
[14:21]    sevenall:   Are we getting split?
[14:21]    CKTC:   Woah, where'd you all go?
[14:21] heritagepartier is now Available
[14:21] === heritagepartier has joined
[14:21] sabina is now Available
[14:21] === sabina has joined
[14:21]    Susan:   This is a good time. What should I call the money the franchisor gives back to the estate of the dead person as a guilt-payment for terminating the agreement if the franchisee dies?
[14:22] ansikalden is now Available
[14:22] === ansikalden has joined
[14:22]    HeritagePartier:   Sorry, I encountered an error that Bill Gates wants to know about... I declined and logged back on.
[14:22]    Sabina:   8pm for me
[14:22]    Ansikalden:   Damn! What have I missed
[14:22]    CKTC:   Ansi, you just missed everything!
[14:22]    damiriji:   8 AM for me. Just went to bed late last night.
[14:22]    CKTC:   You shoulda seen the excitement!
[14:22]    sevenall:   CK: This is a good time, I think. I've got 2-30 seconds of delay.
[14:22]    CKTC:   Oh.
[14:23]    Sabina:   Close everything else Seven
[14:23]    Ansikalden:   Cruel...:(
[14:23]    HeritagePartier:   Golf and volleyball--exactly what one expects in a Shejidan chat. :)
[14:23]    CKTC:   Yeah, I figure Miri-ji's probably at the earliest zone, and the Europe folks are at the latest.
[14:23]    hautdesert:   You should call it "Blood Money." Or "Weregild" is good.
[14:23]    Susan:   I called it a Termination Fee, if you care. A real cop-out.
[14:23]    sevenall:   BRB.
[14:23] === sevenall has left
[14:23]    Susan:   Wazzat mean, BRB?
[14:23]    hautdesert:   lots of coming and going!
[14:23]    CKTC:   Nah, Ansi, you didn't miss much.
[14:23]    hautdesert:   Be Right BAck
[14:23]    CKTC:   Be right back.
[14:23]    Susan:   Oh. Grand Central Station.
[14:23]    CKTC:   Uh, what haut said.
[14:24]    HeritagePartier:   Sorry, haut--I'm back but without the spoiler screen.
[14:24]    CKTC:   Hope Kymmee can get here. She's trying.
[14:24]    CKTC:   Haut, does Kymmee have an account with you or with Jabber?
[14:24]    damiriji:   LOL I always thought it meant 'Bathroom Room Break'
[14:24]    CKTC:   LOL!
[14:25]    Susan:   What's a spoiler screen? I don't know anything.
[14:25]    hautdesert:   Nothing. You didn't hear anything.
[14:25]    Susan:   Whimper.
[14:25]    Sabina:   Haut and HP are discussing Explorer
[14:26]    Susan:   I wouldn't eavesdrop on a private conversation.
[14:26]    CKTC:   Sabina, I figured as much. Those lucky bums.
[14:26]    Ansikalden:   How... very lucky they are...
[14:26]    CKTC:   Yes. Who here's jealous? *Raises hand.*
[14:26]    Sabina:   I didn´t they said so
[14:26]    CKTC:   Kymmee, Tactico, and Razz are trying to get in.
[14:26]    Susan:   No, they will wish they could talk about it on the board and they can't. They will not have anybody to talk to about it for a long time.
[14:26]    hautdesert:   Are they following instructions?
[14:26]    HeritagePartier:   Hey, I'm thinking of asking who has the longest wait to get a copy and sending out this one when I finish my second reading.
[14:27]    CKTC:   Ha! Well, if they suffer because of it, I'm afraid I'm not feeling very sympathetic.
[14:27]    Susan:   They deserve everything they get.
[14:27]    CKTC:   Oooh, that's very nice, HP.
[14:27]    CKTC:   Yeah!
[14:27]    HeritagePartier:   Start competing!
[14:27]    Ansikalden:   Hmmm...
[14:27]    hautdesert:   HP, I did that last year. NessO was the lucky person.
[14:27]    Susan:   For your favors?
[14:27]    hautdesert:   I may do it again this year.
[14:27] sevenall is now Available
[14:27] === sevenall has joined
[14:27]    Susan:   What?
[14:27]    HeritagePartier:   Hey, I'm a nice person. And I have a hardcover on order, too. It won't have typos.
[14:28]    Ansikalden:   I'm a nice person.
[14:28]    hautdesert:   Last year, I had an extra copy, so I asked who wanted my extra?
[14:28]    Susan:   Oh. And what did you extract in return?
[14:28]    hautdesert:   That's why one of my alters is the rarely-seen The Book Fairy.
[14:28]    Susan:   Cute.
[14:28]    hautdesert:   Just a feeling of righteousness.
[14:28]    Susan:   Elymosinary (sp?)
[14:28]    Ansikalden:   I'd give a tooth for a book...
[14:28]    CKTC:   I usually don't have a problem. People in my city don't read. Heh. So I've never had a problem with books being sold out.
[14:28]    hautdesert:   Which tooth, ansi?
[14:29]    HeritagePartier:   I suspect Ansi has the greatest distance to the right bookseller.
[14:29]    Susan:   Are you the tooth fairy or the book fairy?
[14:29]    hautdesert:   Just kidding!
[14:29]    Sabina:   I may get it somewhen between 15 and 18th of November
[14:29]    Ansikalden:   The crooked one...
[14:29]    hautdesert:   LOL!
[14:29]    CKTC:   I'd give a tooth too. Preferably not my own.
[14:29]    Ansikalden:   Thet's generous of you CK
[14:29]    CKTC:   I'm a generous person, what can I say.
[14:29]    HeritagePartier:   Hey, don't get on teeth! I'm losing fillings too often when going to the movies. My dentist loves it when I go to the movies.
[14:29]    Susan:   A prince!
[14:30]    sevenall:   And a dentist in reverse
[14:30]    Susan:   An anti-dentist.
[14:30]    Ansikalden:   Ansi-dentist
[14:30] === sabina has left
[14:30]    CKTC:   LOL
[14:30]    Susan:   Hee, hee.
[14:30]    hautdesert:   Popcorn, huh HP?
[14:31]    hautdesert:   Sabina's having connection problems...
[14:31] sabina is now Available
[14:31] === sabina has joined
[14:31] TacticoStormwind is now Available
[14:31] === TacticoStormwind has joined
[14:31]    HeritagePartier:   Popcorn AND fresh Junior Mints, if you can believe it!
[14:31]    TacticoStormwind:   Hello?
[14:31]    hautdesert:   Tac!
[14:31]    Ansikalden:   Tactico, hello!
[14:31]    damiriji:   hello TAC
[14:31]    Susan:   There, that wasn't so bad, Tac.
[14:31]    TacticoStormwind:   I MADE IT!!!!!!
[14:31]    hautdesert:   Yay!!!
[14:31]    HeritagePartier:   Congratulations!
[14:31]    CKTC:   Woohoo!
[14:31]    CKTC:   Hi Tac.
[14:31]    Susan:   Let us be the first to congratulate you.
[14:31]    sevenall:   Hello, Tac!
[14:31]    TacticoStormwind:   lol This would have been easier with AIM
[14:32]    hautdesert:   I gotta go eat lunch now, I'll be back in a few!
[14:32]    TacticoStormwind:   But none the less it's good to be with you all
[14:32]    Susan:   Stop kvetching.
[14:32]    HeritagePartier:   See you later!
[14:32]    Susan:   Bring us dessert, haut.
[14:32]    sevenall:   Have a good lunch
[14:32]    CKTC:   Later, haut!
[14:32]    Sabina:   Bye, haut
[14:32]    Ansikalden:   Remember to chew
[14:33]    Susan:   Maybe she's drinking her lunch.
[14:33]    HeritagePartier:   Oh, now that's starting rumors. ;)
[14:33]    Susan:   Would I do a thing like that?
[14:33]    Ansikalden:   Yes!
[14:33]    HeritagePartier:   Of course not! (Staying on the good side of susan)
[14:33]    TacticoStormwind:   Hey...I have the longest name. Mwhahahaha!!!
[14:33]    Ansikalden:   Hey, I miss the "innocent" emoticon...
[14:33]    Susan:   I was just thinking what a pain in the ass your long name was, rather like your large picture. Hmmm.
[14:33]    CKTC:   Heh! Your name shows up as Tactico Stormw in my little window.
[14:34]    HeritagePartier:   by a few characters, Tac
[14:34] bgrandrath is now Available
[14:34] === bgrandrath has joined
[14:34]    Susan:   Hello, bg!
[14:34]    CKTC:   Hey!!!
[14:34]    TacticoStormwind:   Shows up the same in mine as well
[14:34]    CKTC:   BG, how ya doing?
[14:34]    Ansikalden:   Hi!
[14:34]    TacticoStormwind:   And I'm sorry my name is a pain in the ass to you Susan
[14:34]    CKTC:   Tac, don't worry about it. :)
[14:34]    Susan:   It's just the length. Takes up a lot of screen space.
[14:34]    BGrandrath:   hello, I'm good now that I got in
[14:34]    Susan:   Anyway, I think of you as Tac.
[14:34]    sevenall:   Hi Jan
[14:35]    CKTC:   Me too. I think of you as Tac.
[14:35]    CKTC:   Who is Jan?
[14:35]    sevenall:   I must be the only one to think of you as Stormwind.
[14:35]    Susan:   Tac is good. Like air tac, sea tac - and you like military stuff, so it fits
[14:35]    CKTC:   Doesn't someone call him Stormy too?
[14:35]    TacticoStormwind:   It's like me second nick name! (my first would be MiniMuffin from my gf Kayla)
[14:36]    CKTC:   LOL, well, I refuse to call you MiniMuffin.
[14:36]    TacticoStormwind:   Yeah I'm either Stormy or Tac...although I can't remember who calls me Stormy
[14:36]    TacticoStormwind:   And CK trust me, it's completely fine
[14:36]    sevenall:   MiniMuffin??? No way.
[14:36]    TacticoStormwind:   The only people who call me MiniMuffin is Kayla and her family, no one else
[14:36]    Susan:   If CK called Tac MiniMuffin, what would Tac call CK?
[14:36]    CKTC:   Speaking of pastries, excuse me a moment. I'm gonna get ma a cinnamon bagel.
[14:36]    CKTC:   Anything but "pussycat".
[14:36]    Susan:   He's nice to his mother.
[14:37]    Susan:   How about "Sweetypie"?
[14:37] Sabi is now Available
[14:37] === Sabi has joined
[14:37]    TacticoStormwind:   Haha I remember in the Mistletoe thread I said *smooches the pussy*
[14:37]    Susan:   Hope you enjoyed yourself.
[14:37]    Ansikalden:   Oh, he did
[14:38] === Sabi has left
[14:38]    Ansikalden:   Sabina?
[14:38]    Sabina:   What?
[14:38]    Susan:   Sabina, why are there two of you?
[14:39]    CKTC:   I don't know who Sabi is. Mystery guest of the day.
[14:39]    CKTC:   Q: What do you think CJC's gonna write after Explorer?
[14:39]    Susan:   Book.
[14:39]    sevenall:   The dark and sinister bodyguard in the background.
[14:39]    CKTC:   Good answer.
[14:39]    TacticoStormwind:   I should come in here with a clever name in 1337 speak
[14:39]    HeritagePartier:   Ah, we have security on hand.
[14:39]    BGrandrath:   the cyteen sequel
[14:39]    Ansikalden:   Oh, I'd never thought of that, Susan!
[14:40]    Susan:   Learn something new everyday.
[14:40]    sevenall:   Well, I sort of hope that her next book won't be the cyteen sequel or the fortress sequel either.
[14:40]    HeritagePartier:   I half remember something saying that the Cyteen sequel is number 2 on her to-do list.
[14:40]    CKTC:   I wonder what's number 1?
[14:40]    sevenall:   Wasn't it the hammerfall sequel?
[14:40]    Susan:   And I remember saying that number 1 is probably the second Hammerfall book, cursed be it.
[14:40] Sabi is now Available
[14:40] === Sabi has joined
[14:40]    CKTC:   Hello again, Sabi.
[14:40]    TacticoStormwind:   +/-/<+i<0 (Tactico in 1337 speak)
[14:40]    HeritagePartier:   Yes. I fear I never appreciated Hammerfall sufficiently.
[14:41] * sevenall giggles
[14:41]    CKTC:   Ooh! Actions.
[14:41]    sevenall:   I think I may have appreciated hammerfall too much...
[14:41]    Susan:   Do tell.
[14:41] sabina is now Available (Online)
[14:41] sabina is now Available (Online)
[14:41]    HeritagePartier:   I'm glad someone enjoyed it.
[14:41]    CKTC:   I liked Hammerfall. Not her best, but I wasn't annoyed with it like some people were.
[14:42]    Susan:   I spit in its mother's milk.
[14:42]    CKTC:   Oh my!
[14:42]    HeritagePartier:   I think I may have read it just after the second Rhapsody book where people journey and journey and journey and never seem to get anywhere.
[14:42]    BGrandrath:   hammerfall was hard to read...I kept waiting for them to get oof planet on a ship
[14:42]    CKTC:   Maybe it's because I like desert stories.
[14:42]    Susan:   From For Whom the Bell Tolls - Spanish curse.
[14:42]    TacticoStormwind:   Are we talking about your Cherryh books?
[14:42]    CKTC:   Yup.
[14:42]    HeritagePartier:   One of Martha Wells' books is a desert story and I liked that one.
[14:42]    sevenall:   And Hemingway.
[14:42]    CKTC:   Any sci-fi books you like, Tac?
[14:42]    CKTC:   I never liked Hemingway's stories.
[14:43]    TacticoStormwind:   Should I leave....I know nothing of this Cherryh
[14:43]    Susan:   Why don't you try her?
[14:43]    sevenall:   The Dispossessed is a desert story, sort of. No, definitely stay, Tac!
[14:43]    CKTC:   No, you don't have to leave.
[14:43]    Sabi:   Quiek
[14:43]    CKTC:   Lawrence of Arabia is my favorite desert movie.
[14:43]    Susan:   You can say that again.
[14:43]    Susan:   Quiek, I mean.
[14:43]    TacticoStormwind:   The reason I don't read anything by her is because I just don't enjoy reading that much anymore
[14:43]    sevenall:   CK: I like Hemingway's way of writing stream of consciousness.
[14:44]    Sabi:   Quiek?
[14:44]    HeritagePartier:   Tac,I'm sorry you're not enjoying reading. It's the stuff of life to me.
[14:44] * Sabi has changed subject to: I am the might Quiek
[14:44]    CKTC:   That's too bad Tactico. Maybe you just haven't found any really good books that suck you into the story?
[14:44]    Susan:   Sabi said "Quiek."
[14:44]    BGrandrath:   i must just not like hemingways conscieousness
[14:44]    TacticoStormwind:   Perhaps
[14:44]    HeritagePartier:   BG, I'm with you!
[14:44]    sevenall:   It's funny you should say that, Tac, because lately I've found that I enjoy reading less than I have before. I don't know why.
[14:44]    CKTC:   LOL, me neither.
[14:45]    CKTC:   Ack, et tu, Sevenall?
[14:45]    Susan:   It's because Explorer isn't out yet.
[14:45]    CKTC:   How do you do the purple action text?
[14:45]    TacticoStormwind:   I was all into LotR but then I just lost interest at the end and I'm afraid to start The Two Towers
[14:45]    sevenall:   I'll talk any old books to death, though.
[14:45]    CKTC:   Oh, can't help you there. Loved the films. Half loved-half hated the LOTR books.
[14:45]    Susan:   Can't read em.
[14:45]    Ansikalden:   I enjoy reading more and more
[14:45]    CKTC:   I haven't read them in over 10 years, so I don't remember much from them.
[14:45]    HeritagePartier:   Unlike so many I know, it took me many tries to get through the Tolkien books. It was totally a mood thing.
[14:45]    CKTC:   Me too.
[14:46]    CKTC:   Read the human/elven bits in one sitting, and then the hobbit parts draaaaaaaaged.
[14:46]    Sabina:   Didn´t like LoTR, the Books, didn´t see the movie
[14:46]    CKTC:   Took me 8 months to read the Hobbit and LOTR.
[14:46]    sevenall:   TTT is slightly different from FotR, but if you liked the beginning of FotR, TTT gets less like it and there's almost nothing of it in RotK.
[14:46]    CKTC:   I LOVED the movie though. All the problems I had with the book were fixed by the movie.
[14:46] === Sabi has left
[14:46]    Susan:   Sabi sure gets around
[14:46] === sabina has left
[14:46]    TacticoStormwind:   Yeah the movie was kewl
[14:47]    CKTC:   LOL, yeah.
[14:47]    sevenall:   Personally, I was quite disappointed in the movie, wasn't a bad movie, but Jackson's vision was very different from mind.
[14:47]    HeritagePartier:   After the fifth try I finally got through the books in one summer. But that was longer ago than some of you have years. (Sorry, CK, but your 10 years set that off!)
[14:47] sabina is now Available
[14:47] === sabina has joined
[14:47]    damiriji:   I don't think I could read them again
[14:47]    Ansikalden:   Loved the genealogy in Silmarillion...
[14:47]    BGrandrath:   i first read LOTR 30 some years ago
[14:48]    sevenall:   Possibly it was because I felt that one big element of the books was the uncertainty of betrayal, the uncertainty of what should be done, the making of the wrong choices.
[14:48]    TacticoStormwind:   How do you get the action text up there?
[14:48]    HeritagePartier:   BG, I can top that by 5 years, not being competitive, though. :)
[14:48]    Sabina:   *giggles
[14:48]    BGrandrath:   are too
[14:48]    Sabina:   That´s not the way
[14:48]    TacticoStormwind:   *sigh*
[14:48]    Susan:   Going to get Diet Coke. BRB.
[14:48]    TacticoStormwind:   ::sigh::
[14:48]    CKTC:   LOL, well, I don't think I could re-read LOTR either. Once was enough.
[14:48]    HeritagePartier:   I'm not sure what you refer to as action text, Tac
[14:48]    TacticoStormwind:   :sigh
[14:48]    TacticoStormwind:   I'll eventually get it!!!
[14:48]    CKTC:   the purple text.
[14:48]    Ansikalden:   Once was enough
[14:48]    CKTC:   I was wondering how to do that as well.
[14:49]    sevenall:   The action text? Slash, then write me does this or that.
[14:49]    Sabina:   #tests
[14:49]    Sabina:   /tests
[14:49]    damiriji:   BRB someone's hungry
[14:49] * sabina tests
[14:49]    CKTC:   /action
[14:49]    Ansikalden:   \Test
[14:49]    TacticoStormwind:   No no ansi I was figuring out how to use action test
[14:49]    CKTC:   Nope.
[14:49]    BGrandrath:   i started rereading before the movie game out...only got to the middle of two toweres
[14:49]    sevenall:   (/me waves)
[14:49] * sabina has figured it out
[14:49]    CKTC:   How'd you do that, Sabina?
[14:49] * sevenall waves
[14:49]    Ansikalden:   Tell me
[14:49]    TacticoStormwind:   /tactico doesn't know what he's doing
[14:49]    Ansikalden:   //hey
[14:49]    CKTC:   Argh.
[14:49]    TacticoStormwind:   Dangit!
[14:49]    Sabina:   type slash and the type me and then the action
[14:49]    CKTC:   LOL. Help!
[14:50]    Ansikalden:   *giggles
[14:50]    sevenall:   Quite literally write "/me" then the action you want.
[14:50]    Susan:   /meaction
[14:50] * cktc tries
[14:50] * ansikalden tries
[14:50] * cktc laughs his friggin' head off!
[14:50] * TacticoStormwind is stupid
[14:50] * bgrandrath types
[14:50] * susan huh
[14:50] * damiriji jumps up and down
[14:50] * cktc sheds a lot
[14:50] * susan please with self
[14:50]    Ansikalden:   / me smiles in satisfaction
[14:50]    Susan:   pleased
[14:50]    Ansikalden:   oops
[14:50] * cktc marvels at this long line of actions
[14:51]    HeritagePartier:   /overwhelmed with silliness
[14:51]    sevenall:   We're all men and women of action.
[14:51] * susan susan thinks this a funny command
[14:51] * ansikalden smiles in satisfaction
[14:51]    BGrandrath:   marvel action stories
[14:51] * susan thinks much purpleness
[14:51]    Sabina:   So now a big question: Someone once (one of our Pities) made a picture of the awful Atageini vase, who?
[14:51] * TacticoStormwind hums Englands national anthem....why because he doesn't know America's
[14:51] * ansikalden will think of something soon
[14:52]    HeritagePartier:   Tac, I think you should hum "Oh, Canada" for a few, too.
[14:52]    CKTC:   Which Atigeini vase?
[14:52]    Sabina:   YOu know "the Vase", the one Ilisdi narrowly missed
[14:52]    HeritagePartier:   No doubt the one Uncle Tatiseigi's mother didn't like.
[14:52] * TacticoStormwind hums just the words "Oh Canada" because that is all he knows of the Canadian nation anthem
[14:52]    CKTC:   Where's the picture of it? I'm slow today.
[14:53]    HeritagePartier:   Glorious and free are in there somewhere.
[14:53]    CKTC:   Isn't it Thanksgiving Day in Canada?
[14:53]    Sabina:   Where is the Picture is the question
[14:53]    TacticoStormwind:   Yes it is
[14:53]    Susan:   Can anybody sing The Internationale?\
[14:53]    CKTC:   Nope.
[14:53]    TacticoStormwind:   I have some Canadian friends. It is either today or like really soon
[14:53]    HeritagePartier:   No, but I can do La Marseillaise in French.
[14:53]    sevenall:   Of course I can.
[14:53]    CKTC:   I can do a stirring rendition of How Much is that Doggy in the Window though.
[14:53]    Susan:   Good for you, 7all
[14:54] * ansikalden frowns in consternation
[14:54]    Susan:   I can do the Marseillaise too. What impure blood flows through our furrows!
[14:54]    sevenall:   Upp till kamp emot kvalen.
[14:54]    HeritagePartier:   Plenty, with the Guild behind us!
[14:54]    BGrandrath:   does Consternation have an anthem?
[14:54]    sevenall:   It should.
[14:54]    Ansikalden:   Very funny!
[14:54]    TacticoStormwind:   OH CANADA...OH CANADA!!! Something something somethine
[14:55]    HeritagePartier:   Hockey, hockey, rah, rah, rah?
[14:55]    TacticoStormwind:   something*
[14:55]    Susan:   In the abortive 1817 rising in Russia, the ignorant people thought the Constitution was the wife of the pretender Tsar
[14:55]    Susan:   (The leaders of the rising wanted a Constitution)
[14:55]    sevenall:   I've heard Sarah MacLachlan sing it but with her poor diction I couldn't make out more than OhCanada either.
[14:55]    hautdesert:   I'm always surprised when I hear Oh Canada, because in my imagination it's the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree." "Oh Canada, Oh Canada, how beautiful your branches..."
[14:55]    Susan:   Oh, Canada, glorious and free, something something to thee
[14:55]    hautdesert:   I'm back.
[14:56]    TacticoStormwind:   Welcome back haut
[14:56]    Susan:   How was it for you?
[14:56]    HeritagePartier:   Hello! Was it a lunch worthy of Bindanda?
[14:56]    sevenall:   Good lunch?
[14:56]    hautdesert:   Yummy! And spicy!
[14:56]    damiriji:   OUr home and native land
[14:56]    CKTC:   Spicy is good!
[14:56]    hautdesert:   Yep. Leftover chicken curry, but the kids and Mr. Haut had that. I had some saag and rice.
[14:56]    sevenall:   I've had to settle for a bagel. The husband refuses to feed me.
[14:56]    TacticoStormwind:   Does anyone in here have any clue what 1337 is?
[14:56]    Sabina:   Haut, did you draw the Atageini Vase?
[14:56]    CKTC:   Saag?
[14:56]    HeritagePartier:   Sorry, now, Tac
[14:56]    sevenall:   Tac, no.
[14:56]    CKTC:   Nope, sorry, Tac.
[14:56]    HeritagePartier:   No, not now
[14:57]    hautdesert:   Nope. Is there a picture of the ATigenin vase?
[14:57]    TacticoStormwind:   HAHAHAHA!!!!! I do....well a little
[14:57]    TacticoStormwind:   ph33r me!
[14:57]    hautdesert:   Elite. Bad typing onpurpose.
[14:57]    Sabina:   Someone did a picture I remember it and I don´t have it downloaded
[14:57]    CKTC:   Which picture? Where?
[14:57]    sevenall:   Don't keep us in suspense, Tac.
[14:57]    hautdesert:   Fear me, says Tac.
[14:57] creaturefeature is now Available
[14:57] === creaturefeature has joined
[14:57]    hautdesert:   CF!!!
[14:57]    TacticoStormwind:   Ah so haut knows it...I supose that's all
[14:57]    CKTC:   CF!!!!
[14:57]    damiriji:   hi cf
[14:58]    creature feature:   awww right! it worked!
[14:58]    HeritagePartier:   Hmm, I seem to remember a picture, now that I think more.
[14:58]    TacticoStormwind:   Hey CF!!!
[14:58]    sevenall:   Hi CF!
[14:58]    hautdesert:   Saag is greens and spices--an Indian dish.
[14:58]    CKTC:   Woohoo!
[14:58]    Susan:   Hey, CF, I'm glad you came!!!!!!
[14:58]    creature feature:   hey everybody. wow, it's a regular party in here!
[14:58]    Susan:   Much loose talk.
[14:58]    Ansikalden:   Hello!
[14:58]    HeritagePartier:   I believe 11 is felicitous
[14:58]    CKTC:   I think so too.
[14:58]    CKTC:   Yes, it's utter chaos in here!
[14:59]    TacticoStormwind:   CK did you get my e-mail?
[14:59]    Susan:   Someone named Sabi keeps coming and going.
[14:59]    creature feature:   how long are you guys around for anyway? i have to go for a bit, but i'll come back later if people will still be here
[14:59] * cktc puts on a lampshade
[14:59]    CKTC:   No, I haven't checked my e-mail yet today.
[14:59] * susan dances on the table
[14:59]    hautdesert:   I think this is going to go until the last person turns out the lights....
[14:59]    hautdesert:   no schedule that I know of.
[14:59]    sevenall:   Dunno, I'll have to go soon, but can check back later.
[14:59] * creaturefeature tests to see if this thing works like IRC
[14:59] * ansikalden will be back with more tea in just a moment - someone should take take out the cake
[14:59]    CKTC:   I'll be on a while. I have no other plans for the afternoon.
[14:59] * susan will get up now and then to do a quick chore.
[15:00]    creature feature:   aha! it does! okay, now i've got it working i'll check it out regularly, probably
[15:00] * cktc takes out the cake
[15:00]    Susan:   CK takes the cake.
[15:00]    HeritagePartier:   What flavor today?
[15:00]    sevenall:   Vanilla?
[15:00]    CKTC:   Heh!
[15:00]    creature feature:   hmmmmmmm cake
[15:00] * creaturefeature drools
[15:00]    CKTC:   Anything but marmite!
[15:00] * susan wants chocolate
[15:00]    CKTC:   Chocolate it is!
[15:00]    Susan:   Yay!!
[15:01]    Susan:   Chocolate is very good for the central nervous system.
[15:01]    CKTC:   Maybe half chocolate, half vanilla.
[15:01]    creature feature:   i agree :)
[15:01] * cktc passes around the tea
[15:01]    Susan:   Chocolate hath charms to soothe the shattered breast.
[15:01]    TacticoStormwind:   vanillia is teh ghey, ph33r teh mad chocolate!
[15:01]    CKTC:   Oh, and....
[15:01]    damiriji:   breast?
[15:01]    sevenall:   It's strange how chocolate can be used to disguise other unpleasant flavours.
[15:01]    Susan:   Beast, breast, same thing
[15:01] * cktc produces a green pizza as well, cut into a felicitous number of pieces.
[15:01]    creature feature:   one of my lovely housemates had left a packet of chocolates outside my room when i got back :)
[15:02]    CKTC:   Aww, that's nice!
[15:02]    Susan:   Now that's true consideration. One of my dear friends sent me chocolates recently when I was in distress.
[15:02]    CKTC:   How many housemates do you have?
[15:02] * damiriji stomach grumbles
[15:02]    creature feature:   i barely know most of them too!
[15:02]    sevenall:   Were they intact?
[15:02]    BGrandrath:   prime if nothing else
[15:02]    BGrandrath:   ?
[15:02]    CKTC:   ??
[15:02]    Susan:   Are your housemates intact?
[15:02]    creature feature:   i have 9 other housemates, one of whom i know from last year
[15:02]    CKTC:   Or the chocolates?
[15:02]    CKTC:   Woah, that's a lot.
[15:02]    creature feature:   it's a big house :)
[15:03]    damiriji:   I hope you have a big house
[15:03]   Susan:   With lots of mating
[15:03]    sevenall:   That could be a lot of chocolate, too...
[15:03] * ansikalden is back
[15:03] * cktc is glad
[15:03]    Ansikalden:   this brew might have traces of alkaloids
[15:03] creaturefeature is now Available
[15:03] * damiriji prepares a trip to the hospital
[15:03] creaturefeature is now Extended Away (xa)
[15:03] creaturefeature is now Available
[15:03] creaturefeature is now Available
[15:04]    CKTC:   For work, I hope, Miri-ji?
[15:04]    creature feature:   oops, i pressed buttons
[15:04]    damiriji:   no fro the tea LOL
[15:04]    sevenall:   I like how this program tells us now and then that we're available...
[15:04]    CKTC:   Doh!
[15:04]    hautdesert:   Playing with your presence. In public.
[15:04] * creaturefeature is very embarrassed
[15:04]    sevenall:   This is a private chatroom, though :-)
[15:04]    CKTC:   Then who's Sabi?
[15:04]    creature feature:   just as well!
[15:04] hautdesert is now Available (Still a Raving Lunatic)
[15:04]    Susan:   I'm very available these days.
[15:05]    sevenall:   I am to no avail.
[15:05]    CKTC:   LOL, haut.
[15:05]    sevenall:   Well, that came out whinier than I thought.
[15:05]    Sabina:   I was Sabi, but jabberzilla kept crashing
[15:05]    CKTC:   I'm always available.
[15:05]    CKTC:   Oho! The mystery solved.
[15:05]    hautdesert:   Always??????
[15:05]    CKTC:   Okay, well, maybe not always.
[15:05]    hautdesert:   It was an emergency backup Sabina.
[15:06]    sevenall:   But you are on call a lot, CK.
[15:06] === sabina has left
[15:06]    hautdesert:   So wasn't kymee trying to find us? What happened to her?
[15:06]    CKTC:   Ha! Not anymore! Seniority is a good thing.
[15:06]    Ansikalden:   Very thoughtful, we can never get enough Sabinas
[15:06]    CKTC:   She's still lost out there.
[15:06] sabina is now Available
[15:06] === sabina has joined
[15:06]    TacticoStormwind:   Is this chat always going to be we can come in when ever we want and chat with the people that are going to be in here
[15:06]    CKTC:   :(
[15:06]    Susan:   Sabina is having boundary problems
[15:06]    TacticoStormwind:   Or is it only going ot be open on those specific days?
[15:06]    HeritagePartier:   Evidently a bad connection in Sabina-land.
[15:06]    CKTC:   It'll be open, but people won't necessarily be in here.
[15:06]    Sabina:   I tried to get a second WinJab instance up, didn´t work
[15:07]    CKTC:   We'll try to schedule other official times to meet.
[15:07]    CKTC:   The more Sabinas the merrier, I always thought.
[15:07]    Susan:   Eventually maybe it will be an always cafe, with people dropping in and out.
[15:07] * ansikalden sings I'm here, here, here, here, here
[15:07]    TacticoStormwind:   Ok well 90% of the time I'll be free do some when the times are set
[15:07]    CKTC:   Hopefully.
[15:07]    sevenall:   Cafe is nice.
[15:07]    CKTC:   Especially considering the cafes in my town suck.
[15:07]    TacticoStormwind:   to come*
[15:08] * cktc sings "Ansi's here, she's here, she's here!"
[15:08]    Susan:   The conference doesn't have to be "turned on" or anything, people can just show up and put in the conference name and there it is, if there's anybody else there too
[15:08]    hautdesert:   This place isn't exactly a room that' sopen--it's just an address that the server creates whenever someone types it in. And anyone else who types it in joins you. So anyone who wants can "come here" any time they like.
[15:08]    hautdesert:   Stero!
[15:08]    CKTC:   Kewl.
[15:08]    Susan:   ?
[15:08]    CKTC:   !
[15:08]    hautdesert:   We both said more or less the same thing.
[15:09]    HeritagePartier:   Jinx! As we said in childhood.
[15:09]    CKTC:   I've heard of Jinx, not Stero though.
[15:09]    damiriji:   doesn't that mean they both can't talk until you release them?
[15:10]    sevenall:   Must vacuum. Must have food. See you in a few.
[15:10]    CKTC:   No, it means you owe them a coke. Heh!
[15:10]    creature feature:   that's what it always meant to me
[15:10] sevenall is now Away (away)
[15:10]    CKTC:   You're gonna put VACUUMING before us?
[15:10]    CKTC:   LOL
[15:10]    CKTC:   Wow.
[15:10] * ansikalden crying
[15:10] * cktc sits around saying "ho hum"
[15:10]    hautdesert:   Perhaps vacuuming is a colorful way of describing sevenall's eating habits...
[15:11]    CKTC:   ROFL
[15:11]    CKTC:   I just can't picture it.
[15:11]    TacticoStormwind:   1337 5p34/< 1$ +3/-/ 0wN j00
[15:11] * creaturefeature chuckles
[15:11]    creature feature:   my dog certainly vacuums when she eats.
[15:11]    CKTC:   I have to admit to vacuuming as well.
[15:11]    TacticoStormwind:   Haut, figure that one out!
[15:11]    CKTC:   Especially potato dishes.
[15:12]    TacticoStormwind:   It's one of the very few phrases I know in 1337
[15:12]    CKTC:   Anyone seen Red Dragon yet?
[15:12]    Ansikalden:   I have to admit some confusion...
[15:12]    damiriji:   no but read the book
[15:12]    damiriji:   i liked it
[15:12]    CKTC:   Cool. I'd never read it. I did see Manhunter though.
[15:12]    hautdesert:   'Leet speak....something own you
[15:12]    HeritagePartier:   What's confusing, Ansi?
[15:13]    damiriji:   i never knew about Manhunter until a few days ago
[15:13]    TacticoStormwind:   Leet speak is teh own you
[15:13]    CKTC:   I liked Red Dragon better than Manhunter.
[15:13]    CKTC:   Manhunter had less of a budget, unknown characters.
[15:13]    creature feature:   not sure i want to see a scary film like that!
[15:13]    hautdesert:   I read Red Dragon and liked it. Haven't seen the new movie, though, or Manhunter.
[15:13]    CKTC:   It was made my Michael Mann. I usually like his movies, but not that one. It was made a while ago.
[15:13]    damiriji:   i have to wait for video. :(
[15:14]    CKTC:   CF, it's not as scary as Silence of the Lambs.
[15:14]    CKTC:   Oh.
[15:14]    creature feature:   it's not? hmm...
[15:14]    CKTC:   Nope. But it's still pretty good. Better than Hannibal.
[15:14]    creature feature:   hannibal wasn't really scary anyway. just rather gross
[15:15]    CKTC:   True. It was more a love story than anything else.
[15:15] Sabi is now Available
[15:15] === Sabi has joined
[15:15] === Sabi has left
[15:15]    Ansikalden:   THAT'S gross :p
[15:15]    hautdesert:   Hannibal was awful. I just saw it last week.
[15:15]    creature feature:   ewwwwwwww gross! love story!
[15:15]    damiriji:   if they hadn't changed the ending it would have been much better
[15:15]    CKTC:   Well, it is!
[15:15]    CKTC:   It sure as hell wasn't a horror movie.
[15:15]    creature feature:   i thought it was like two films; the first half was quite good, the second went rapidly downhill
[15:15]    CKTC:   I agree.
[15:15]    TacticoStormwind:   I'd agree. Hannible wasn't anywhere near that of Silence of the Lambs
[15:16]    damiriji:   that because they went Hollywood
[15:16]    CKTC:   Yeah. Well, Red Dragon gets the series back on track.
[15:16]    hautdesert:   The first film used gore sparingly to good effect. Hannibal was just gory.
[15:16]    Sabina:   CK check your Chat bar
[15:16]    CKTC:   My whuh?
[15:16]    hautdesert:   Your tabs above this conference.
[15:16]    CKTC:   Where's that?
[15:16] * ansikalden
[15:16]    damiriji:   how did you change that?
[15:17]    CKTC:   LOL, oh. "I am the might Quiek"
[15:17]    CKTC:   You mean the subject line?
[15:17]    creature feature:   i was wondering about that
[15:17]    TacticoStormwind:   What does the subject line od?
[15:17]    TacticoStormwind:   do*
[15:17]    Sabina:   Did you check Automatically connect window under system option under prefernces?
[15:17] damiriji is now Available
[15:17] * sabina has changed the subject to: I am the even mightier Quiel
[15:18]    hautdesert:   I think the subject line just makes a line of purple text on the screen.
[15:18] * sabina has changed the subject to: I am the even mightier Quiek
[15:18]    damiriji:   lol you lost me
[15:18] * ansikalden has changed the subject to: Shejidan was here
[15:18]    CKTC:   No, I didn't. Why?
[15:18] * TacticoStormwind has changed the subject to: 1337 5p34/< 1$ +3/-/ 0wN j00Shejidan was here
[15:18]    Sabina:   Look at subject , top part of cha window
[15:18]    HeritagePartier:   Mighty Quiek sounds like a companion to Mighty Mouse.
[15:18] * TacticoStormwind has changed the subject to: 1337 5p34/< 1$ +3/-/ 0wN j00
[15:18] * ansikalden has changed the subject to: We're playing!
[15:18]    hautdesert:   Mighty Mouse has a Might Quiek.
[15:18]    damiriji:   h
[15:18] sevenall is now Wants to Chat (chat)
[15:19]    CKTC:   I didn't do that, Sabina, why?
[15:19]    HeritagePartier:   Must be a lack of cheese, haut.
[15:19]    creature feature:   i've got to go for a bit. i'll try pop in later though
[15:19]    CKTC:   Aww.
[15:19]    sevenall:   Slandering my eating habit in my absence, I see :-)
[15:19]    damiriji:   bye
[15:19]    HeritagePartier:   See ya, CF.
[15:19]    CKTC:   Okay, see you later, CF!
[15:19]    Sabina:   I want to chat with you in private Ck, somewhere is a window waiting for you
[15:19]    sevenall:   By, CF.
[15:19]    CKTC:   LOL, sevenall.
[15:19]    CKTC:   Did the vacuuming go well?
[15:19]    creature feature:   bye :)
[15:19] TacticoStormwind is now Wants to Chat (chat)
[15:19]    HeritagePartier:   Sevenall, if it's the lack of cheese comment, that's for Might Quiek.
[15:19] === creaturefeature has left
[15:19]    sevenall:   Since there was no food for me, I did not vacuum.
[15:19]    CKTC:   I can't see it, Sabina. Let me try....
[15:20]    Sabina:   CK, makes all windows into Winjab and not seperate windows
[15:20]    hautdesert:   Hey, the Want to Chat folks have little smilies on their lightbulbs!
[15:20] ansikalden is now Available (here)
[15:20] ansikalden is now Available
[15:20] sevenall is now Available
[15:20] heritagepartier is now Wants to Chat (Wants to Chat)
[15:20]    CKTC:   No, still nothing. I sent you a message, and I have a Chat: sabina tab up.
[15:20] ansikalden is now Wants to Chat (Wants to Chat)
[15:20]    Sabina:   Tabs OK, CK
[15:21] sabina is now Available
[15:21] sabina is now Wants to Chat (chat)
[15:21] sabina is now Available
[15:21] sabina is now Away (away)
[15:21] hautdesert is now Wants to Chat (but she won't make much sense.)
[15:21] sabina is now Extended Away (xa)
[15:21] sabina is now Do Not Disturb (dnd)
[15:21] sabina is now Extended Away (xa)
[15:21] sabina is now Away (away)
[15:21] sabina is now Available
[15:21] sabina is now Away (away)
[15:21] sabina is now Available
[15:21] sabina is now Wants to Chat (chat)
[15:21] * TacticoStormwind is very cold
[15:21]    TacticoStormwind:   brb guys
[15:21] cktc is now Wants to Chat (Wants to Chat)
[15:21]    hautdesert:   sabina's having problems...
[15:21]    HeritagePartier:   Looks like everyone's trying to activate the smiles.
[15:21] damiriji is now Wants to Chat (chat)
[15:21]    CKTC:   LOL. I just wanted a smiley.
[15:21]    TacticoStormwind:   Ok I'
[15:21]    Sabina:   No problems, I have a mouse wheel
[15:21]    hautdesert:   Me too! :)
[15:21]    TacticoStormwind:   am back
[15:21]    sevenall:   Seems like it. Put that frown upside down:-)
[15:21]    hautdesert:   I loe the custom presence thingy.
[15:21]    TacticoStormwind:   I needed to turn down the thermostat
[15:22]    hautdesert:   You can't be that cold, in Alabama, Tac!
[15:22]    hautdesert:   Oh, you've got AC on, I see.
[15:22]    CKTC:   I still have my AC on.
[15:22]    sevenall:   A mouse-wheel will help how, Sabina?
[15:22]    Susan:   Sorry, fellas, I was inveigled into a private chat.
[15:22]    CKTC:   I like it frosty.
[15:22]    TacticoStormwind:   Mom had the AC on, lol I think she is trying to freeze to death
[15:22]    HeritagePartier:   Visit lovely Minnesota, Tac--snow flurries today.
[15:22]    Sabina:   Ck check aforementioned tab
[15:22]    hautdesert:   hey, bgrandrath is here.....she must have come when I was eating. Hi, B!
[15:22]    TacticoStormwind:   I love teh heat!! I ph33r teh cold
[15:22]    sevenall:   I want to go where snow is!
[15:22]    CKTC:   Sabina, you're not in my tab.
[15:23]    Sabina:   Haut, it scrolls through all very easy.
[15:23]    Sabina:   ly
[15:23]    hautdesert:   Ah! Now I understand.
[15:23]    HeritagePartier:   None on the ground yet, but flurries in the air and frost on the rooftops in the morning. I would prefer a few more days of Indian Summer.
[15:23]    Ansikalden:   Warmth to Tac!
[15:23]    Sabina:   Do you see my messages at all, CK
[15:23]    CKTC:   I can't wait until first snow.
[15:23]    CKTC:   No, Sabina, I can't see anything from you. :(
[15:23]    Susan:   I see your message, Sabina.
[15:23]    sevenall:   HP: It still sounds lovely. It just rains here.
[15:23]    Susan:   CK is funny.
[15:24]    damiriji:   You need to come here Tac. Going to the beach today and snorkel.
[15:24]    CKTC:   And it's got nothing to do with the X's I have for eyes...
[15:24]    HeritagePartier:   Oh, we've had rain, too. We got a Canadian Clipper overnight and that means turn the furnace on.
[15:24]    TacticoStormwind:   Where you live damirjiri?
[15:24]    CKTC:   I love snow!
[15:24]    damiriji:   Hawaii
[15:24]    TacticoStormwind:   Oh heck yeah!! Let me move in with you
[15:24]    Sabina:   CK, you are in my lurker group, maybe thats the problem?
[15:24]    damiriji:   lol
[15:24]    CKTC:   Huh?
[15:24]    CKTC:   I am?
[15:24]    HeritagePartier:   Snow's a good thing, CK, but even better in December.
[15:24] sabina is now Available (Online)
[15:24] sabina is now Available (Online)
[15:24] sabina is now Available (Online)
[15:25]    CKTC:   It's fun in June too.
[15:25]    damiriji:   only for two more weeks so you have to hurry.
[15:25]    Susan:   Whazza lurker group?
[15:25]    Sabina:   And CK you are not appearing as online, didn´t accept my subscription request
[15:25]    CKTC:   Beats me.
[15:25]    CKTC:   I'm not?
[15:25]    TacticoStormwind:   You move around alot or soemthing dami?
[15:25]    CKTC:   Now I'm confused.
[15:25] cktc is now Available
[15:25]    CKTC:   Am I online now?
[15:25]    Susan:   You always were, to me.
[15:26]    Sabina:   Here it is, but not at my rooster
[15:26]    CKTC:   Me too.
[15:26]    Ansikalden:   CK, you don't see me, either?
[15:26]    sevenall:   CK: your'e online but not at my roster.
[15:26]    CKTC:   I should hope not!
[15:26]    TacticoStormwind:   See told you AIM was easier.....hehe j/k!
[15:26]    damiriji:   yes my job ships me every three to six months
[15:26]    CKTC:   I only see you folks in this room.
[15:26]    Sabina:   AIM is a pain in the ass, I tried it
[15:26]    Susan:   I'm a little red rooster. (Anybody know that song?)
[15:26]    hautdesert:   You need to subscribe to someone's presence to have them on your roster.
[15:26]    CKTC:   Tactico, it wasn't a question of ease.
[15:26]    Sabina:   I send CK one
[15:27]    hautdesert:   AIM won't work for some people.
[15:27]    Ansikalden:   Says, subscribtion denied...
[15:27]    CKTC:   Oh, that explains things, haut.
[15:27]    Sabina:   Sevenall turned my subscription down
[15:27]    hautdesert:   This seemed like it worked for the most people.
[15:27]    Susan:   I like this because we get to play at haut's house.
[15:27]    CKTC:   I didn't get it, Sabina.
[15:27]    hautdesert:   CK, do you have your settings to automatically turn down requiests?
[15:27]    CKTC:   Do I have seomthing wrong with my settings? Wait a min....
[15:27]    HeritagePartier:   As long as we don't mess things up at haut's!
[15:27]    sevenall:   No,haven't gotten it!
[15:27]    hautdesert:   Yeah! Party at hautdesert's!
[15:27]    Susan:   Wild party!!!
[15:27]    TacticoStormwind:   What are you talking about it wasn't a question of ease??
[15:27]    Ansikalden:   I send one to sevenall, too...
[15:27]    sevenall:   Sabina, try again?
[15:28]    Sabina:   CK, you refuse subscription requests
[15:28]    hautdesert:   CK, look under preferences
[15:28]    CKTC:   I did?
[15:28]    CKTC:   Ack! It must have been Evil CK.
[15:28]    CKTC:   Really, I have no idea. I didn't get any requests.
[15:28]    hautdesert:   Then under "Roster" and "Subscriptions" make sure "deny requests from people not on my roster" isn't checked.
[15:28]    Susan:   CK, no man is an island unto himself.
[15:28] === damiriji has left
[15:28] === sabina has left
[15:28]    CKTC:   Tac, I just meant I wasn't picking systems based on ease of use. Hence, not AIM. Besides. I hate America Online.
[15:29]    BGrandrath:   is a he
[15:29]    hautdesert:   Tac, some people's computers don't run AIM very well, so that's why we're not using it.
[15:29]    Ansikalden:   I figured that :)
[15:29]    TacticoStormwind:   Ok, you had be confused for a second there
[15:29]    hautdesert:   Oh! sorry!
[15:29] sabina is now Available
[15:29] === sabina has joined
[15:29]    hautdesert:   Hard to tell online.
[15:29]    TacticoStormwind:   And yes I know it doesn't work on everyones computer!!!! I was joking
[15:29]    hautdesert:   Oh, sorry, I was whooshed.
[15:29]    CKTC:   Okay, try again.
[15:30]    CKTC:   Gotcha, Ansi.
[15:30] damiriji is now Available
[15:30] === damiriji has joined
[15:30] * bgrandrath was scrolling had to catch up
[15:30]    Sabina:   Ck check there, the box "Prompt me for all subscription requests"
[15:31]    CKTC:   Yup, that was checked. I just fixed things. Try sending again. I just got Ansi's request.
[15:31]    TacticoStormwind:   dami what is your occupations?
[15:31] === sabina has left
[15:31] sabina is now Available
[15:31] === sabina has joined
[15:32]    CKTC:   Does everyone know everyone else in here? It didn't occur to me to ask until now, since I know all of you.
[15:32]    CKTC:   You don't all hang out at the same forums at the board.

NOTE:  I somehow lost an hour's worth of text here.  I'm not sure how that happened.  Sabina was kind enough to e-mail me a large part of the missing chunk, but unfortunately, my e-mail program died on me, and I can't access it at the moment.  I will add it when I get Eudora working again.  Hopefully it'll be soon.  Thanks!  ---CK.

[16:35]    TacticoStormwind:   lol
[16:36]    Azral:   Haut - that is so true! When we all met in August it was very hard to use proper names!
[16:36]    CKTC:   Really? LOL.
[16:36]    Azral:   You bet!
[16:36]    CKTC:   So did you call each other by board or real names?
[16:36]    TacticoStormwind:   The only person I know off a board IRL is a guy named Tyrak of Desar or Tyrak Swa Renko (real name is Ross)
[16:36]    Susan:   I couldn't every imagine calling CK anything else. George? Irving? Come on. CK it is.
[16:36]    TacticoStormwind:   He is my best friend
[16:36]    CKTC:   Which felt more comfortable, Azral? I'm curious.
[16:36]    hautdesert:   I'm certain I would call you all by board names.
[16:36]    Azral:   But it was funny to hear CF ring Mule and say Hi its Creature Feature!
[16:37]    hautdesert:   LOL!
[16:37]    CKTC:   LOL.
[16:37]    Azral:   To be honest Nicks!
[16:37]    Ansikalden:   Wonderful!
[16:37]    hautdesert:   But he wouldn't have known her otherwise!
[16:37]    CKTC:   That is so cool! LOL.
[16:37]    Susan:   I do call CF by her real name sometimes, but she referred to it on the board and it's in her profile. And it's purtier.
[16:37]    CKTC:   I think of CF as "Cee Eff".
[16:37]    Ansikalden:   But can you pronounce Ansikalden? ;)
[16:37]    Azral:   We'd e mailed real names so hopefully !
[16:38]    CKTC:   Sure. I don't know if I do so correctly, but I have a mental sound of it.
[16:38]    CKTC:   Besides, Ansi, I think of you as Ansi.
[16:38]    Susan:   Me too.
[16:38]    Sabina:   Ansi, use the phonetics list I´m willing to put it up if you tell me the symbols
[16:38]    Ansikalden:   I like it 'cause you call me that!
[16:39] * TacticoStormwind has changed the subject to: I am teh David
[16:39]    Sabina:   I always thinl Ansikladen
[16:39]    Ansikalden:   Ansi, I mean'
[16:39]    hautdesert:   I can't decide if it's "Ahnsee" or "Ansee" (Short A like fan)
[16:39]    CKTC:   I, being an American, tend to pronounce it the same way as antsy.
[16:40]    TacticoStormwind:   I always pronounse it Ansee
[16:40]    CKTC:   LOL.
[16:40]    hautdesert:   I vaccilate between the two.
[16:40]    Ansikalden:   What!!!!
[16:40]    hautdesert:   Oh, I guess it's Ahnsee
[16:40]    CKTC:   Sorry! I don't think of it as a trait, though.
[16:40]    Susan:   I admit I pronounce it like Tac.
[16:40]    CKTC:   A as in Father, I guess.
[16:40]    Ansikalden:   It's AN-see!
[16:40]    CKTC:   A as if father or A as in cat?
[16:40]    Azral:   I was gonna say that!
[16:40]    hautdesert:   Yeah, but to us there are two possible sound sfor An
[16:40]    Ansikalden:   Not as in father, as in...
[16:41]    Susan:   Apple?
[16:41]    CKTC:   That's how I think of it.
[16:41]    Azral:   As in Ann-see?
[16:41]    CKTC:   Short A as in cat or apple.
[16:41]    Ansikalden:   I/me is thinking of an English word...
[16:41]    hautdesert:   That narrows it down.
[16:41]    Susan:   Is it bigger than a breadbox?
[16:41]    CKTC:   And I pronounce Azral as Azz-rul.
[16:42]    Ansikalden:   Wait, wait...
[16:42]    CKTC:   AZZ-rul.
[16:42]    Sabina:
[16:42]    Azral:   Az-raal, CK!
[16:42]    CKTC:   Sorry!
[16:42]    Azral:   LOL!
[16:42]    CKTC:   Accent on first or second syllable?
[16:42]    TacticoStormwind:   Hey I prounounced it right!!!
[16:42]    Azral:   2nd!
[16:42]    CKTC:   Doh!
[16:42]    hautdesert:   woah! I was way off.
[16:42]    CKTC:   I've always accented the first.
[16:42]    Ansikalden:   Thanks, Sabina! A as in come.
[16:42]    Azral:   Just to be different!
[16:43]    Susan:   I was right. I'm always right.
[16:43]    hautdesert:   a as in come?
[16:43]    hautdesert:   huh?
[16:43]    TacticoStormwind:   lol
[16:43]    CKTC:   Schwa?
[16:43]    hautdesert:   so it's "uhnseekahlden?"
[16:43]    TacticoStormwind:   That doesn't make since Azral
[16:43]    CKTC:   Woah.
[16:43]    TacticoStormwind:   I mean ansi*
[16:43]    CKTC:   UN-see?
[16:43] * ansikalden is frustrated
[16:43]    Azral:   This is getting confusing! LOL!
[16:43]    CKTC:   LOL.
[16:43]    TacticoStormwind:   Yes it is!!!
[16:44]    CKTC:   FYI, CKTC is NOT pronounced sskkktttttssss.
[16:44]    TacticoStormwind:   I have one of the easiest names to pronounce
[16:44]    Ansikalden:   Right! UN-see is close.
[16:44]    Sabina:   Ansi, I´ll put it up in Unicode, if you tell me the numbers
[16:44]    damiriji:   I have to go bye everyone and have a good day.
[16:44]    CKTC:   Cool. I actually like that pronunciation better.
[16:44]    Susan:   I suppose I'd better go do some actual work. Hate to leave. .. We should do this more often. Bye, folks.
[16:44]    TacticoStormwind:   Bye dami
[16:44]    CKTC:   Bye Miri-ji! Thanks for coming.
[16:44]    Ansikalden:   ItSee you
[16:45]    Sabina:   Bye Miri-Ji
[16:45]    TacticoStormwind:   Bye Susan
[16:45]    CKTC:   Oh, bye to Susan too!
[16:45] === susan has left
[16:45] === damiriji has left
[16:45]    Azral:   Bye Damriji & Susan!
[16:45]    Sabina:   By Susan
[16:45]    CKTC:   And then there were 6....
[16:45]    TacticoStormwind:   Where is that qoute from?
[16:45]    Azral:   What time is it for you guys btw?
[16:45]    Ansikalden:   As felicitous as a sertain tea-service
[16:45]    TacticoStormwind:   Oops!!
[16:45]    Ansikalden:   Certain I meant
[16:46]    TacticoStormwind:   Didn't mean it to be here
[16:46]    Sabina:   I have to go soon, too (Somebody else going to log the conversation?)
[16:46]    TacticoStormwind:   I thought I had my AIM IM clicked
[16:46]    Ansikalden:   Huh?
[16:46]    hautdesert:   Nursery rhyme, Tac. "Ten Little Indians" Don't think it's used much anymore.
[16:46] heritagepartier is now Available
[16:46] === heritagepartier has joined
[16:46]    TacticoStormwind:   I think I am going to go as well
[16:46]    CKTC:   I'll log it, for whatever time I was here.
[16:46]    CKTC:   Azral, it's 16:46 here.
[16:46]    TacticoStormwind:   Bye everyone!!! It was great getting to talk to you all in real time
[16:46]    Azral:   Thanks! Just lost it for a moment there!
[16:47]    CKTC:   You going, Tac? Okay, bye! Thanks for chatting.
[16:47]    Sabina:   Ok, but it doesn´r produce anything like orderly html
[16:47]    Azral:   Bye Tac
[16:47]    hautdesert:   Bye, Tac!
[16:47]    Ansikalden:   Bye, Tac
[16:47]    CKTC:   I'll edit it.
[16:47]    Sabina:   22:46
[16:47] * TacticoStormwind has changed the subject to: Tac is teh 1337!!!!!!!!! Mwhahahaha (had to do the b4 I left)
[16:47] === TacticoStormwind has left
[16:47]    Ansikalden:   Same as Sabina
[16:47]    HeritagePartier:   Hi, again. Supper's simmering and I have another moment.
[16:47]    CKTC:   Hi HP!
[16:47]    Sabina:   Have fun, CK ;)
[16:47] * ansikalden has changed the subject to: Tac got the last word on the subject!
[16:47]    HeritagePartier:   It looks like you've scared away several people.
[16:47]    Azral:   Hi HP! Thank goodness thats abbreviated!
[16:47]    CKTC:   LOL, yeah. It'll probably give me a headache.
[16:48]    CKTC:   Yes, we're dropping like flies, HP.
[16:48]    Ansikalden:   Make me clever, CK!
[16:48]    CKTC:   LOL, Ansi!
[16:48]    HeritagePartier:   I'm usually called HP on the boards by all of you, so I answer to it. :)
[16:48]    Sabina:   If you send it to me, I´ll convert it to proper html (But my e-mail has changed)
[16:48]    Azral:   My little fingters are not fast enough today!
[16:48]    CKTC:   No, don't worry, Sabina. I'll do it.
[16:49]    CKTC:   Has it?
[16:49]    hautdesert:   I finally went and did that typing test, and foun dI"ve gone from 45 wpm to 60! Woohoo!
[16:49]    CKTC:   Woohoo!
[16:49]    Azral:   Mybe I need some preactice!
[16:49]    Sabina:   I keep telling you for half a year, but now it becomes acute
[16:49]    CKTC:   The forums boosted my speed up quite a bit.
[16:49]    HeritagePartier:   Are you taking keyboarding, haut? I'm teaching three sections of it at the moment. :(
[16:49]    CKTC:   There's a site online that shows you your typing speed, HP.
[16:49]    hautdesert:   wow! I took typing in high school. On a typewriter.
[16:49] * ansikalden is a slow typer and proud of it
[16:50]    CKTC:
[16:50]    hautdesert:   One of the most useful things I ever learned.
[16:50]    Sabina:   So, nobody knows where I can find a picture of the Atageini vase?
[16:50]    CKTC:   My mom taught me how to type.
[16:50]    Azral:   AS long as noone expects to make sense of what I type - Im fast!
[16:50]    HeritagePartier:   Same here, as far as learning. Nowadays there's great software out there. I'll remember the URL and suggest it to a few of my most capable students.
[16:50]    hautdesert:   I didn't even know it existed, Sabina.
[16:50]    CKTC:   Sorry, Sabina. I'll keep an eye out for it though.
[16:50]    hautdesert:   Well, I do ninety, if you do't want to have to read it.
[16:51]    Sabina:   The link is somewhere in the pit
[16:51]    CKTC:   It doesn't teach, HP, it only measures your speed if you're curious.
[16:51]    HeritagePartier:   If I find it again, Sabina, I'll let you know. I keep thinking it was something I saw at the beginning of summer.
[16:51]    CKTC:   If I'm sloppy, I can do over 100, but I make mistakes that way.
[16:51]    HeritagePartier:   CK, I've got the lessons for all of them, but an additional speed test might amuse some of them.
[16:51]    Sabina:   Summer, Sztranger than Truth rings true
[16:51]    hautdesert:   My mom types with four fingers and her thumb--I learned watching her, and had to unlern it all in school.
[16:51]    HeritagePartier:   Sabina, I seem to remember it being a link to someone's personal web site.
[16:51]    CKTC:   One handed?
[16:52]    hautdesert:   No, index and second of each hand.
[16:52]    hautdesert:   With a thumb for the space bar.
[16:52]    Sabina:   Ansi denies responsiblity
[16:52]    hautdesert:   She's pretty fast, but she can't look away from the screen.
[16:52]    hautdesert:   Or her fingers.
[16:52]    CKTC:   Oh.
[16:53]    hautdesert:   I have been eternally grateful for the ability to touch-type--no lack of temp jobs that way.
[16:53]    CKTC:   I can't imagine posting any other way. I don't like to have to look at my hands.
[16:54]    CKTC:   Lull. :) Has it been 7 or 20 minutes?
[16:54] * ansikalden has time to check the dictionary
[16:54] * cktc wonders what Ansi will find.
[16:54]    Sabina:   Bye
[16:54]    Azral:   Since what?
[16:54]    CKTC:   Bye, Sabina! Thanks for coming.
[16:54]    hautdesert:   What I like is, when I started, I had to think of each letter, and with an unfamiliar word (like unfamiliar) i stil do, but with common words I just think them and there they are on the screen.
[16:54]    Azral:   Bye Sabina
[16:54]    CKTC:   Since the last Lull in the conversation, Azral.
[16:54]    Ansikalden:   While typing, I mean, that's how slow it goes.
[16:54]    hautdesert:   bye, sabina!
[16:55]    Azral:   Oh I see!
[16:55]    Ansikalden:   But I use ALL fingers
[16:55]    HeritagePartier:   Is everyone trying to make Sabina go away?
[16:55]    hautdesert:   I think Sabina said bye.
[16:55]    CKTC:   We were talking earlier, saying that every 7 or 20 minutes there's a lull. Haut had heard 20, I had heard 7.
[16:55] === sabina has left
[16:55]    HeritagePartier:   Ah, it's easy to stick around one more minute...and one more minute...
[16:55]    CKTC:   Sabina said bye. I don't want her to go away, but if she must, she must.
[16:55]    CKTC:   Heehee. Chat crack.
[16:56]    hautdesert:   CK, my brain processsed that the wrong way at first....
[16:56]    Ansikalden:   My back hurts
[16:56]    hautdesert:   And I had to really think hard.
[16:56]    CKTC:   It's like when you're a kid, and you have to go to bed early while the adults are still at the party.
[16:56]    CKTC:   LOL, haut!
[16:56]    hautdesert:   LOL!
[16:56]    HeritagePartier:   Poor Ansi. It's late there and you've been around since the earliest minutes of the chat that I know of.
[16:56]    CKTC:   If we get Ansi really tired, maybe she'll post some funny things.
[16:57] * ansikalden is greatful for HP's sympathy
[16:57]    CKTC:   What word did you find, Ansi?
[16:57]    Azral:   My head hurts, but that's just stress! LOL!
[16:57]    HeritagePartier:   Is that kind?
[16:57]    hautdesert:   No, but it's amusing!
[16:57]    Ansikalden:   What! I'm never funny!
[16:57]    hautdesert:   ROFL, Ansi!
[16:57]    CKTC:   Sure you are, Ansi! You're gently humorous.
[16:57] * ansikalden looks sideways at everyone present
[16:58]    HeritagePartier:   That's quite a trick, Ansi!
[16:58] * cktc grins back at Ansi.
[16:58]    Azral:   You beat me to it HP! I was gonna say that!
[16:58]    CKTC:   LOL
[16:58]    Ansikalden:   But NOT a funny trick, mind you!
[16:58]    CKTC:   Psychic moment.
[16:58]    Azral:   Yep!
[16:58]    HeritagePartier:   It depends upon the expression on your face.
[16:58]    CKTC:   Okay, okay. Always a very serious and reserved Ansi.
[16:58]    Azral:   Reserved for what?
[16:59]    CKTC:   Oh my.
[16:59] * ansikalden has a serene face
[16:59]    CKTC:   LOL. Serenity suits you.
[16:59] * cktc is anything but serene.
[16:59]    HeritagePartier:   Let's liven Ansi up! Hey, need a copy of Explorer?
[16:59]    Azral:   It's the way it falls in soft folds around Ansi's ankles
[16:59]    Ansikalden:   Reserved for serenity
[16:59]    CKTC:   LOL, Az.
[17:00]    CKTC:   Ack! HP, that's cruel.
[17:00]    CKTC:   :-P
[17:00]    hautdesert:   Or generous...
[17:00]    CKTC:   Or both.
[17:00]    HeritagePartier:   No, I'm wondering if Ansi should get the extra copy of Explorer I'll have.
[17:00] * ansikalden is speechless when HP mentions Explorer
[17:00]    Azral:   Hey all you fast typists could transcribe it for Ansi, here!
[17:00]    CKTC:   I can wait.....*grits teeth*... No really, no problem....
[17:00]    HeritagePartier:   Well, I believe you've said the arrival of new CJC books is very tardy in your neighborhood.
[17:00]    CKTC:   How many more days? ACK!
[17:00]    hautdesert:   I'm not that fast! It took me months to get through Foreigner.
[17:01]    hautdesert:   Check the countdown..
[17:01]    CKTC:   Typing it?
[17:01]    Azral:   We can wait! LOL!
[17:01]    hautdesert:   Yep. For the quote site.
[17:01]    HeritagePartier:   No, I thought I'd mail it.
[17:01] * ansikalden sings I live in a backwater kind of place
[17:01]    CKTC:   Woohoo, 23!
[17:01]    hautdesert:   I'm halfway through Invader, and haven't gotten back to it for awhile.
[17:02]    CKTC:   23 days until Explorer. 65 days until TTT. 260 days until I graduate from residency. Things are looking good!
[17:02]    HeritagePartier:   So--when I finish a re-reading of the advance copy I have, I'd be pleased to extend the courtesy of sending it in your general direction.
[17:02]    hautdesert:   Woohoo, CK!
[17:02]    HeritagePartier:   CK, you're watching the clock!
[17:02]    CKTC:   Heck, yeah!
[17:03]    Ansikalden:   HP, I'm... I'm...
[17:03]    HeritagePartier:   eager to read, yes?
[17:03]    hautdesert:   speechless, apparently.
[17:03]    CKTC:   Yeah. Wow.
[17:03]    Ansikalden:   What can I do?
[17:03]    HeritagePartier:   Well, I pity anyone who has to wait even longer than the rest of us to read the latest installment in The Exciting Adventures of Bren Cameron.
[17:03]    Ansikalden:   And say?
[17:04]    HeritagePartier:   Let me have your address and I'll see it wanders across the ocean.
[17:04]    CKTC:   Me too. Waiting until the release date is bad enough.
[17:04]    hautdesert:   Hmmm.
[17:04] * hautdesert ponders
[17:04]    CKTC:   I don't mind waiting though. November's gonna be a crazy month.
[17:05]    Ansikalden:   Ther's the thing about postage, too
[17:05] * cktc airs out the cobwebs in his brain.
[17:05] * ansikalden is thinking of angels
[17:05]    HeritagePartier:   It can't be that bad for postage.
[17:05] * cktc is thinking of food again.
[17:05]    hautdesert:   Overseas, it can be.
[17:05]    hautdesert:   Sometimes.
[17:05] * ansikalden thinks angles have names
[17:05]    hautdesert:   But worth it, I'd think.
[17:05]    HeritagePartier:   I had to send things to my brother when he was in Helsinki last year. It's not that bad.
[17:05]    hautdesert:   Yes, some are called "obtuse" and some "acute"
[17:05]    HeritagePartier:   Please, let me be acute!
[17:06] * cktc is growing suspicious since Azral hasn't uttered a peep.
[17:06]    HeritagePartier:   Azral is packing and ready to move further away.
[17:06]    Ansikalden:   Really?
[17:06]    HeritagePartier:   Certainly.
[17:06] * cktc wonders what Azral is up to.
[17:06]    CKTC:   Where to?
[17:06]    Azral:   Az is trying to think of something to say that someone else doesn't say first! LOL!
[17:06]    HeritagePartier:   Upper Mongolia, probably...
[17:06]    CKTC:   Sure you are.
[17:06]    Azral:   Psychic attack tonight!
[17:07]    CKTC:   LOL.
[17:07]    CKTC:   BRB.
[17:07]    HeritagePartier:   just a right back
[17:07]    hautdesert:   Uh-oh! supper's burning!
[17:08]    Azral:   I was trying to work out how to get the bit in purple? Doh!
[17:08]    hautdesert:   make a slash and then type "me" with no space in between the slash and the me. Then space, and type the rest that you want.
[17:08]    Azral:   Thanks Haut!
[17:08]    hautdesert:   */me makes an example
[17:09]    hautdesert:   without the asterisk, of course.
[17:09]    hautdesert:   I had to ask, earlier, and these nice people showed me how.
[17:09] * ansikalden is contemplating greatfulness
[17:09] * Azral Like this?
[17:09]    Azral:   Aha!
[17:09] * hautdesert congratulates Azral
[17:09] * Azral thanks Haut
[17:09] * cktc is still wondering how to change the subject line...
[17:10] * ansikalden has changed the subject to: Poor CK!
[17:10]    hautdesert:   Lookup above. There should be a text box above the chat box labeled "subject"
[17:10] * Azral has changed the subject to: Like this?
[17:10]    hautdesert:   Right above where our conversation is appearing.
[17:10]    Ansikalden:   A page and arrow sign
[17:11]    CKTC:   Yeah.
[17:11]    CKTC:   I see that.
[17:11]    hautdesert:   type in that box.
[17:11]    CKTC:   Oh, I've been trying that.
[17:11]    hautdesert:   then click the page with the arrow.
[17:11]    CKTC:   Doh! Is THAT what that icon is for.
[17:11] * ansikalden has changed the subject to: Write the title and click it
[17:11]    hautdesert:   Yep.
[17:11] * cktc smacks heel of hand against forehead.
[17:11]    CKTC:   I've been hitting Enter.
[17:11]    Azral:   i did too at first!
[17:11]    HeritagePartier:   Oops! My brother just called--he's in town (when he's supposed to be in Norfolk, VA). I've got to go in a moment.
[17:12] * cktc has changed the subject to: The Idiocy of One CKTC, Dead Cat.
[17:12] * hautdesert applauds CK
[17:12]    Azral:   Yaaaay!
[17:12] * cktc does a happy dance.
[17:12]    HeritagePartier:   Ansi, if you'd add your address to the separate chat box, I'll record it and use it later in the week.
[17:12]    hautdesert:   that's an awfully long way to travel on short notice, HP.
[17:12] creaturefeature is now Available
[17:12] === creaturefeature has joined
[17:12]    CKTC:   Oh, HP. Are you leaving?
[17:12]    hautdesert:   CF!
[17:12]    creature feature:   heya :)
[17:12]    CKTC:   CF, woohoo!
[17:12]    Azral:   CF! Did you get my mail?
[17:12]    creature feature:   yes, thank you :)
[17:12]    CKTC:   HP, thanks for chatting.
[17:13]    hautdesert:   See ya, HP!
[17:13]    CKTC:   CF, I'm glad you could make it again.
[17:13]    Azral:   Bye HP!
[17:13]    CKTC:   Bye, HP!
[17:13]    creature feature:   bye
[17:13]    creature feature:   bye
[17:13]    CKTC:   CF, you going again?
[17:13]    CKTC:   Say it ain't so!
[17:13]    Azral:   Who's going???
[17:13]    hautdesert:   I hope not!
[17:13]    CKTC:   I have no idea.
[17:14]    creature feature:   why is the subject the idiocy of CKTC?
[17:14] * cktc remains.
[17:14]    Azral:   I'm lost now! LOL!
[17:14]    HeritagePartier:   See you later! I wonder how much housecleaning can be done in a few minutes?
[17:14]    creature feature:   sorry, typed bye to HP twice!
[17:14]    CKTC:   LOL!!! Ermm....
[17:14]    Ansikalden:   Talk more later, HP!
[17:14]    hautdesert:   A lot, if you jsut throuw everything away.
[17:14]    CKTC:   Bye, HP!
[17:14] === heritagepartier has left
[17:14]    CKTC:   Because CK's an idjut.
[17:14]    creature feature:   i find this very hard to believe ;) why?
[17:14]    Azral:   No no CK...
[17:14] * hautdesert remains silent so as not to embarass CK
[17:15] * creaturefeature is now intrigued
[17:15]    CKTC:   Because CK took 3 hours and never figured out how to change the subject line.
[17:15]    CKTC:   LOL.
[17:15]    creature feature:   LOL!
[17:15] * cktc is laughing, chagrined.
[17:15]    Azral:   And Az 3 minutes! LOL! (Sorry couldn't resist!)
[17:15]    Ansikalden:   Can we praise HP behind her back, now?
[17:15]    CKTC:   Thanks a lot, Az!
[17:15]    creature feature:   did that work, or am i an idiot?
[17:15]    Azral:   LOL!
[17:15]    hautdesert:   I'm sure.
[17:15]    CKTC:   Ha! Hahaha!
[17:15]    hautdesert:   did what work?
[17:16]    CKTC:   Nope.
[17:16]    creature feature:   i tried to change the subject line
[17:16]    hautdesert:   click the page with the red arrow.
[17:16] * creaturefeature has changed the subject to: Is this how you change it?
[17:16]    CKTC:   You pulled a CK, didn't ya?
[17:16]    CKTC:   Doh!
[17:16]    creature feature:   aha!
[17:16]    CKTC:   I still reign as Idjut.
[17:16]    creature feature:   i'm cheating really. i've used IRC before so this isn't really that different
[17:16]    hautdesert:   It's not intuitively obvious.
[17:16]    Azral:   Funny I said the same thing CF!
[17:16] * ansikalden has changed the subject to: HeritagePartier rules!
[17:16]    hautdesert:   I had to ask about the */me stuff.
[17:16]    CKTC:   Are there any other cool things to try?
[17:16]    creature feature:   great minds think alike, Azral!
[17:16]    Azral:   Mee too!
[17:17]    hautdesert:   Indeed she does! You're in for a treat!
[17:17] * creaturefeature is eating nice hot porridge
[17:17]    Azral:   Yeah - funny how it keeps happening tonite!
[17:17] * hautdesert chuckles in anticipation of Ansi joining the club.
[17:17] * cktc is hungry again.
[17:17]    creature feature:   oops, sorry ck!
[17:17] * cktc is always hungry, so it's okay.
[17:17]    hautdesert:   Got Marmite?
[17:18] * cktc is no longer hungry.
[17:18] * ansikalden is in bliss
[17:18]    creature feature:   it's gone back to classic cambridge weather here: freezing, pouring with rain and with the wind howling. so porridge is just right
[17:18]    Azral:   Is it raining there? It's not here yet!
[17:18]    CKTC:   What exactly is in porridge anyway? Is it oatmeal? Cornmeal?
[17:18] * ansikalden will go to feed the angry cat, back in a rush
[17:18]    hautdesert:   It's sunny here, but cool.
[17:18]    CKTC:   I take it I'm not the angry cat she's referring to?
[17:19]    CKTC:   It's sunny and cool here too. Perfect weather, actually.
[17:19]    creature feature:   it's rolled oats that you heat up with water (ugh) or milk (yum) to make a gooey substance.
[17:19]    hautdesert:   I think it's any kind of "meal" but I've usually heard it for oatmeal.
[17:19]    CKTC:   Blue skies, lazy clouds, temp in the 60's.
[17:19]    hautdesert:   You cook your porridge in milk?
[17:19]    CKTC:   Oh. So it's like a melted granola bar.
[17:19]    creature feature:   yup. i'm a heretic
[17:19]    Azral:   I take it we are talking instant here CF?
[17:19]    hautdesert:   I tried it that way, and didn't like it. But I like cream of wheat that way, not with water.
[17:19]    creature feature:   err..i suppose so. scott's porridge oats, straight out the packet
[17:19]    hautdesert:   Ah, instant!
[17:20]    CKTC:   I've never been much for breakfast goos.
[17:20]    Azral:   AS opposed to boiling i the pan porridge oats?
[17:20]    creature feature:   are you trying to tell me that there are people who, like, grind up their own oats or something?
[17:20]    CKTC:   Yeah, they grow it in their window sills.
[17:20]    creature feature:   no, i boil it up in the pan and it does bubbling lava impressions
[17:20]    hautdesert:   No, but you have to cook them, if you do't get instant ones.
[17:20]    CKTC:   No. they don't.
[17:20]    Azral:   So not instant - real!
[17:21]    creature feature:   aha!
[17:21]    hautdesert:   Some porridge you just pour boiling water over, and the rehydrate. Some you have to boil
[17:21]    hautdesert:   I like real best, though some of the instant flavors are kind of nice.
[17:21]    Azral:   Ach Aye!
[17:21]    creature feature:   rehydrated porridge? UGH!!! i'm glad we cleared up that important point of contention!
[17:21]    Azral:   Don't knock it when you've got 2 minutes for brekky!
[17:21]    hautdesert:   Actually, I make it in the microwave--oats & cold water, nuke it for 2 minutes.
[17:22]    creature feature:   okay, but i only have it in the evening
[17:22]    hautdesert:   That's quick oats, though, not "Old fashinoned" which takes longer.
[17:22]    Ansikalden:   Hah!, Not CK - Lizzie the ALIVE cat! And I had to pet her and say was so sorry, now eat and I'll play with you later and take you to your sister tomorrow so you can climb trees there.
[17:22]    hautdesert:   Mr haut had never had anything but instant oats, and tried to make some once, from my canister of real ones. He was disappointed.
[17:22]    Azral:   Old fashioned! Boiled up and simmered for ages with salt in it!
[17:23]    CKTC:   Lucky Lizzie! I'd love to eat and then climb trees.
[17:24]    Ansikalden:   I know, she lives a wonderful life...
[17:24]    creature feature:   cats generally do
[17:24] * cktc wishes he could have a pet cat.
[17:24]    Azral:   I have three wanna share one?
[17:24] * creaturefeature wishes she could have her pets at college
[17:25]    CKTC:   I'm allergic to them.
[17:25]    Ansikalden:   A pet cat for the petted cat
[17:25]    CKTC:   Heh!
[17:25]    creature feature:   oooh ck! that's too bad!
[17:25]    CKTC:   Yeah, it is. :(
[17:25]    Azral:   Well that is the ideal soulution
[17:25]    Azral:   You can have a virtual one!
[17:25]    CKTC:   LOL. That would be nice.
[17:25]    CKTC:   Maybe a pen pal cat.
[17:25]    creature feature:   i must admit to being quite fond of the microsoft office cat
[17:25]    Azral:   Black or tabby with a bib and spats?
[17:26]    CKTC:   Black is nice!
[17:26]    creature feature:   i have an iccle black cat at home :)
[17:26]    CKTC:   iccle?
[17:26]    creature feature:   little :P
[17:26]    CKTC:   Oh. I thought it was UK slang again!
[17:26]    Azral:   Mischief or Trouble orientated?
[17:26]    hautdesert:
[17:26] * creaturefeature has been reduced to baby speak
[17:26]    hautdesert:   Turn up your sound, and move the mouse around.
[17:26]    CKTC:   At least CF isn't an idiot like CK.
[17:27]    creature feature:   Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!1
[17:27]    creature feature:   at the cat, that is, lol!
[17:27]    CKTC:   LOL, haut! That's great.
[17:27]    CKTC:   Woah, the purring is scary though.
[17:27]    CKTC:   It sounds too much like a wasp!
[17:27]    Ansikalden:   Even dead cat's can't be idiots
[17:27]    hautdesert:   The hautkids love that darn thing.
[17:27]    CKTC:   Or a helicopter.
[17:28]    Azral:   Sweeeeet kitty!
[17:28]    Ansikalden:   It says mauw
[17:28]    CKTC:   All it needs now is a yarn ball....
[17:29]    hautdesert:   hold on, hautboy saw it, now we have to pet the kitty for awhile.
[17:29]    Azral:   It also tries to catch the mouse pointer!
[17:29]    Ansikalden:   And some tuna
[17:29]    CKTC:   LOL, haut.
[17:29]    CKTC:   Mmmmm. Tuna.
[17:30]    CKTC:   It twitches one ear.
[17:30]    CKTC:   Okay, are we all still playing with the kitty? LOL.
[17:30] * ansikalden looks at the messmerised people here
[17:30] * cktc is still playing with the kitty.
[17:31] * ansikalden don't want to spell words correctly any more
[17:31]    Azral:   It breathes as well - erm... anyone noticed?
[17:31] * creaturefeature thinks everybody is kitty obsessed!
[17:31]    CKTC:   Huh?
[17:31]    CKTC:   Sorry, I was playing with the kitty. LOL.
[17:32]    Azral:   Watch it carefully breathes in and out!
[17:32] * cktc is easily distracted.
[17:32] * ansikalden is distracted by CK being distracted
[17:32] * cktc notices Ansi being distracted and is distracted from being distracted by Ansi's distraction.
[17:33] * cktc wants another cinnamon bagel.
[17:34] * ansikalden is brought from her distraction by seing a distracted CK distractedly looking at the formerly distracted Ansi and is again distracted
[17:34]    creature feature:   oh my god ck! I LOVE cinnamon bagels so much it's silly!
[17:34]    creature feature:   they don't have many bagels over here, and not good ones. the best thing about the states!
[17:34]    CKTC:   Woohoo! Me too. I bought some this morning. They're great when they're fresh.
[17:34]    CKTC:   They didn't have any asiago cheese ones though. Bummer.
[17:35]    creature feature:   our local supermarket does cinnamon and raisin ones, which are quite nice. whilst i was in the states, i used to get chocolate chip ones with honey cinnamon butter on - drool! that was part of my healthy eating plan, of course
[17:35]    CKTC:   Mmmm. Chocolate chip bagels are great!
[17:35]    CKTC:   When I was in college I used to get bagels with Nutella on it.
[17:35]    Azral:   Now you've made me hungry!
[17:35]    CKTC:   Or veggie spread bagels.
[17:36]    CKTC:   Or blueberry bagels with strawberry spread.
[17:36]    Ansikalden:   Always talking food!
[17:36]    CKTC:   LOL! Sorry, can't help it!
[17:36] * cktc loves food.
[17:36] * ansikalden drinks some water listlessly
[17:36]    creature feature:   aww
[17:36] * Azral *Does Marmite go well on Bagels Az wonders
[17:36]    CKTC:   Does Marmite go well with anything? The thought of it still makes me queasy. Heh!
[17:37]    Azral:   Mmmmmmmarmite!
[17:37]    CKTC:   Mmmmmmmmmrrraaaaaaaaalphhhhhhh!
[17:37]    hautdesert:   Marmite's good with EVERYTHING!
[17:37]    Azral:   Hot buttered toast....
[17:37]    creature feature:   hey, i like marmite, but not with everything!
[17:37]    Ansikalden:   A cup of tea and a bar of chocolate. Hmmm, tempting, but then I'll have nothing to eat for breakfast
[17:37] * cktc turns green.
[17:38]    CKTC:   Tea and chocolate sounds good.
[17:38]    Ansikalden:   well, maybe some cheescake and strawberry jam
[17:38]    CKTC:   That sounds good too!
[17:38] * cktc turned green from all the marmite talk.
[17:38]    hautdesert:   You haven't even tried marmite!
[17:38] * ansikalden contemplates a midnight snack
[17:39]    CKTC:   True.
[17:39]    CKTC:   Is it midnight there?
[17:39]    hautdesert:   Well, I've got a cranky 2 year old here, I'd better go.
[17:39]    Azral:   Perhaps we ought to take a leaf out of HP's book...
[17:39]    Ansikalden:   marmite? is it some kind of marmelade?
[17:39]    Azral:   ...and post CK some Marmite!
[17:39]    CKTC:   Oh, okay. Bye haut!
[17:39]    hautdesert:   bye!
[17:39]    Azral:   Bye Haut!
[17:39]    Ansikalden:   bye, haut!
[17:39] === hautdesert has left
[17:40]    CKTC:   No, Ansi, it's...where did that marmite thread go.....
[17:40]    Azral:   ...and then there were...4!
[17:40]    Ansikalden:   I only read it distractedly, I'm afraid :p
[17:40]    creature feature:   bye hat!
[17:40]    Azral:   Hat????? LOL!
[17:40]    CKTC:   Well, I can't find it.
[17:41]    creature feature:   i can't believe i just typed that, and after she left! talk about not paying attention!
[17:41]    CKTC:   LOL!
[17:41]    CKTC:   Ooh, we've gotta start calling her that now.
[17:41]    Azral:   ROFL
[17:41] * creaturefeature is laughing her ass off
[17:41]    CKTC:   Hatdesert.
[17:41]    CKTC:   LOLOL!
[17:41]    creature feature:   you should always wear a hat in the desert, that's for sure
[17:41] * ansikalden has changed the subject to: Hatdesert talk
[17:41] * cktc still laughing
[17:41] * Azral Tears treaming down Az's face!
[17:41] * cktc can barely breathe!
[17:41]    creature feature:   lol!
[17:42] * ansikalden can blame the late hour
[17:42]    creature feature:   i'm never going to live this one down!
[17:42] * cktc still LOL!
[17:42]    Azral:   Nope! You got that right CF!
[17:42]    CKTC:   No, not for a loooong time.
[17:42] * ansikalden notes CF lapsus
[17:42] * cktc is in pain from all this laughing.
[17:42]    creature feature:   i confess, i was reading the Pit at the same time, glanced back and saw haut saying she was going, then typed hastily before realising that she'd left a bit further down the page :P
[17:43]    Azral:   Excuses excuses! LOL!
[17:43] * cktc trying to collect himself.
[17:43]    CKTC:   Oh God, that was great!
[17:43]    CKTC:   Poor CF. :-D
[17:44] * ansikalden has changed the subject to: the few silly ones that are left
[17:44]    CKTC:   Yes, very silly.
[17:44]    CKTC:   Oh geez, I need my inhaler.
[17:44]    CKTC:   Heehee!
[17:44]    CKTC:   Ahem. I'm okay now.
[17:45]    CKTC:   (snicker)
[17:45] * creaturefeature bows
[17:45]    Azral:   Are we still talkin hats here???
[17:45]    Azral:   Did anyone get my last message?
[17:45]    creature feature:   obviously i've missed my true calling as an accidental comedian
[17:45] * cktc applauds CF.
[17:45]    CKTC:   What message?
[17:45] * ansikalden joins the applauds
[17:45]    Azral:   Aha we seem to be back in the groove as they say!
[17:46]    CKTC:   Yup, I've recovered now.
[17:46]    Azral:   I got a Server Timed Otu Message and evrythign stopped !
[17:46]    CKTC:   Really?
[17:46]    CKTC:   I didn't notice anything.
[17:46]    Azral:   Yep! Then evrything started up again!
[17:47]    CKTC:   Hmm. Hiccup in the system, eh.
[17:47]    Azral:   Oops losing e's again
[17:47]    creature feature:   
[17:47]    creature feature:   wow, i can make squares!
[17:47]    CKTC:   Wow!
[17:47]    Azral:   How?
[17:48]    creature feature:   hit ctrl and backspace at the same time. quite why i was doing in this in the first place, i have no idea
[17:48]    CKTC:   
[17:48]    CKTC:   Ooooh!
[17:49] * ansikalden is
[17:49]    CKTC:   OOOO
[17:49]    Ansikalden:   nope it didn't work
[17:49]    Ansikalden:   
[17:49]    Azral:   
[17:49]    Ansikalden:   Oh......
[17:49]    creature feature:   hey! how did you do the circles?
[17:49]    Ansikalden:   OOOO
[17:49]    Ansikalden:   It's O,
[17:49]    CKTC:   LOL.
[17:50]    CKTC:   Damn, Ansi, we could've toyed with her a little more! LOL.
[17:50]    CKTC:   ;-)
[17:50]    Ansikalden:   Sorry!
[17:50] * cktc starts giggling again.
[17:50] * ansikalden blushes
[17:51] * creaturefeature now feels really dumb
[17:51]    creature feature:   LOL!
[17:51] * cktc is downright wheezing!
[17:51]    Ansikalden:   Are squares felicitous in chats?
[17:51]    creature feature:   i shouldn't be let into chatrooms!
[17:51]    Azral:   LOL!
[17:51]    CKTC:   I'm sorry, CF. LOL.
[17:52]    CKTC:   It depends on how many squares, Ansi.
[17:52] * ansikalden thinks not
[17:52] * cktc thinks circles are more felicitous
[17:52]    Ansikalden:   It's the way they're placed in a sentense
[17:53]    CKTC:   Oh... Huh?
[17:53]    Ansikalden:   You're all -salads!
[17:53]    Ansikalden:   That's felicitous
[17:53]    creature feature:   except that some of us are O apples
[17:53]    CKTC:   LOL
[17:54]    CKTC:   How late is it where you guys are anyway?
[17:54]    Ansikalden:   All right, -salads with O-apples.
[17:54]    Azral:   Now seems a good time to ask about felicitous items???
[17:54]    Ansikalden:   23:52
[17:54]    CKTC:   Oh, wow!
[17:54]    Azral:   22:55
[17:54]    CKTC:   Azral, have you ever read Foreigner?
[17:55]    Azral:   There stems the problem! Sorry!
[17:55]    Azral:   :-)
[17:55]    CKTC:   Oh, okay. Never mind. I lose track of who's read CJC and who hasn't. Sorry.
[17:55] * ansikalden looks roundeyed at Azral
[17:56]    CKTC:   Round eyes are more felicitous than square ones.
[17:56]    Azral:   I will eventually get round to it! Honest I will !
[17:56]    CKTC:   LOL, no rush. Take your time.
[17:56]    Ansikalden:   I'm sorry,
[17:56]    CKTC:   For what?
[17:56]    Ansikalden:   For being infelicitous!
[17:56] * ansikalden pokes CK
[17:56]    CKTC:   Not at all!
[17:56]    CKTC:   Ansi is always most felicitous.
[17:57] * ansikalden rolls eyes
[17:57] * cktc catches Ansi's eyes and hands them back to her
[17:58]    Ansikalden:   Why, thank you, wery gentlekittyish of you
[17:58]    CKTC:   No problem. My pleasure. LOL.
[17:59]    Ansikalden:   I forgot to wipe the grit of though...
[17:59]    creature feature:   [random question] what's the best thing you've bought recently?
[17:59]    CKTC:   Doh! Not good. Would you like some eye drops?
[17:59]    Ansikalden:   So now they sting
[17:59]    CKTC:   Me?
[17:59]    CKTC:   Hmmm. The cinnamon bagels I guess.
[17:59]    Azral:   Noooo! Not again!
[18:00]    CKTC:   LOL
[18:00] * ansikalden hears about food again
[18:00]    CKTC:   Sorry!
[18:00]    CKTC:   Uh, how about some DVDs then.
[18:00]    Azral:   I must be on somekind of Psychic telephone network tonite!
[18:00]    CKTC:   Why's that?
[18:00]    Azral:   Everytime I think of somehting to say someone else says it first!
[18:01]    Ansikalden:   I've only bought indifferent things lately
[18:01]    creature feature:   i bought the first season of futurama on DVD, which was a great idea :)
[18:01]    Azral:   Either that or I'm not very original! LOL!
[18:01]    CKTC:   Really?
[18:01] * ansikalden has changed the subject to: we only have a few thoughts between us
[18:01]    CKTC:   Futurama. Wow, I saw a few episodes of it and I liked it, but I don't watch TV much.
[18:01]    CKTC:   We are so unoriginal.
[18:02]    Azral:   LOL!
[18:02]    Ansikalden:   But we are safe
[18:02]    creature feature:   hmm, i wouldn't go so far as to say safe! ;)
[18:02]    Azral:   Of course it could be that we are all so much on the same wavelength
[18:02]    CKTC:   Heh!
[18:02]    CKTC:   True. Very true.
[18:03]    CKTC:   That must be it. We're all just very attuned.
[18:03]    Ansikalden:   All agree!
[18:03]    Azral:   that we have evolved past needing to make original statements! LOL!
[18:03] * ansikalden has changed the subject to: One of us
[18:03]    CKTC:   It's called Solidarity!
[18:03]    CKTC:   We are Borg.
[18:03] * ansikalden thinks her own thoughts
[18:03] * ansikalden is in rebellion
[18:03] * cktc thinks no thoughts at all.
[18:04] * creaturefeature really hopes that her thoughts aren't transmitted to other people!
[18:04] * ansikalden has taken all CK's thoughts
[18:04] * cktc wonders if we all should be quarantined.
[18:04] * ansikalden sticks out her tounge
[18:05]    Ansikalden:   Erm, tongue
[18:05]    CKTC:   LOL.
[18:05]    Azral:   Now why did I jusat stick out my tongue?
[18:05]    CKTC:   LOL!!!!
[18:05] * cktc sticks out his tongue
[18:05] * ansikalden is the mastermind!
[18:05] * creaturefeature sticks out her tongue, just so as not to be left out
[18:05]    Ansikalden:   Think like me!
[18:05]    Ansikalden:   Do like I do
[18:05] * cktc awaits Borg Queen Ansi for next instructions.
[18:06]    Azral:   Mirror Mirror on the wall...
[18:06]    CKTC:   ...All for one and one for all.
[18:06] * ansikalden is thinking of great feats to be done with her faithful horde
[18:06]    Azral:   Oops! BRB Cats trying to eat rats!
[18:07] * cktc wonders at what point he became a horde.
[18:07]    Ansikalden:   Lucky cats!
[18:07]    CKTC:   Ack!
[18:07]    creature feature:   first the worst, second the best, third the man with the hairy chest, fourth the king, fifth the queen, sixth the man in the washing machine!
[18:07] * ansikalden has changed the subject to: Ansi's horde
[18:07]    CKTC:   Who's in the washing machine?
[18:07]    Azral:   Not when they're Strawberry and Fudge!
[18:07]    CKTC:   Ansi's Horde Will Take Over the Board.
[18:07]    Ansikalden:   We are four!
[18:08] * ansikalden thinks optimistic thoughts
[18:08]    creature feature:   i don't know CK, it's just a school rhyme
[18:08] * ansikalden laughs out loud
[18:09]    Azral:   Ok rats rescued - cats chastised!
[18:09] * cktc still has an empty brain.
[18:09]    CKTC:   Ack! Rats.
[18:09]    Azral:   They're cuute!
[18:09]    CKTC:   Are they pets?
[18:10]    creature feature:   i quite like them, although i'm not keen on naked tails. or parasites.
[18:10]    Ansikalden:   Cats and rats, huh?
[18:10]    Azral:   Of course!
[18:10]    CKTC:   Oh! That would explain the mysterious Strawberry and Fudge comment.
[18:10]    CKTC:   I was wondering about that.
[18:10]    Azral:   Strawb is cream and white with pink eyes and Fudge is grey and white
[18:11]    Ansikalden:   Food again!
[18:11]    CKTC:   Mmmm!
[18:11]    creature feature:   and the cats presumably think they're both quite tasty
[18:11]    Ansikalden:   So do CK-cat
[18:11]    Azral:   Well they always seem to want to get them out of the cage!
[18:11]    CKTC:   Sure. It would be like me adopting a pet lasagna.
[18:11]    Azral:   ROFL!!
[18:12]    Azral:   Do not expect me to Microwave my rats!
[18:12]    creature feature:   lol
[18:12]    CKTC:   BRB - food on stove.
[18:12]    creature feature:   hmm...what do you think CK's been cooking?
[18:13]    Ansikalden:   Not rats
[18:13]    Azral:   Jeeze tha cats just gone up the curtain! BRB!
[18:13]    Ansikalden:   Chicken, I think
[18:13]    creature feature:   lol azral!
[18:13]    Ansikalden:   Lizzy- cat is well-behaved
[18:14]    Azral:   If only you could see this!
[18:14]    creature feature:   plainly it only went up the curtain because it was told off for ratattacking
[18:14]    Ansikalden:   Heh, get the poor cats a tree...
[18:15]    Ansikalden:   It's very decorative, too...
[18:15]    Azral:   There are 3 dogs alseep in various places on the floor. The two cats keep racing into the hallway then shooting through
[18:16]    CKTC:   Spaghetti, FYI.
[18:16]    CKTC:   It's dinner time here.
[18:17]    creature feature:   time zones are weird. it's 23:15 here
[18:17] === Azral has left
[18:17]    CKTC:   It's 18:15 here.
[18:17]    CKTC:   Yeah, they are.
[18:17]    CKTC:   And it makes scheduling these chats difficult!
[18:17]    Ansikalden:   It's bedtime here... :)... really, it is...not that you'll believe me :p
[18:17]    CKTC:   No, I believe you.
[18:18]    CKTC:   It must be past midnight there.
[18:18]    creature feature:   yeh. it's not usually a problem here because ordinarly i stay up until about 1am
[18:18]    CKTC:   Me too. I usually stay up well past midnight.
[18:18]    Ansikalden:   I meant since I never go to bed...
[18:18]    CKTC:   You don't?
[18:18]    CKTC:   Woohoo! We're all nightowls.
[18:18]    Ansikalden:   I linger, you notice?
[18:18]    CKTC:   LOL, yup.
[18:19] Azral is now Available
[18:19] === Azral has joined
[18:19]    creature feature:   there's definitely two classes of people. one sort gets up early, always, and goes to bed early. the other sort always goes to bed and gets up late.
[18:19] * ansikalden is thinking awake thoughts
[18:19]    CKTC:   In an ideal world, I'd go to bed at 5AM and wake up at noon.
[18:19]    creature feature:   i always find that even if i have to get into a routine of getting up early, the minute i don't have to, i stay up late again :b
[18:19]    Ansikalden:   Lovely
[18:19]    CKTC:   Same here, CF!
[18:19]    Azral:   Late to bed early to rise!
[18:20]    creature feature:   hmm, i'm not that extreme. probably go to bed at 1-2 and get up at 11
[18:20]    Ansikalden:   I love sleeping in the morning!
[18:20]    creature feature:   me too :)
[18:20]    CKTC:   Me too. I love being able to stay in bed and not get up right away.
[18:20]    CKTC:   And I like staying up late at night because it's quiet. And the air smells nice.
[18:20]    Ansikalden:   To stay in bed and read a bit before rising for real
[18:20]    Azral:   I feel like the White Rabbit all the time! No time to lie in!
[18:21]    creature feature:   it's funny though, if i do have to get up really early, i always appreciate the dawn
[18:21]    CKTC:   That's how I am at night.
[18:21]    CKTC:   I'd rather appreciate the dawn before going to bed.
[18:21]    creature feature:   lol!
[18:22] * creaturefeature is listening to everyday by the cinematic orchestra, which is very good
[18:22]    CKTC:   I used to do that sometimes, go completely nocturnal for a week or two during medschool exams.
[18:22]    Ansikalden:   Owwww, I like the dawn in winter
[18:22]    Ansikalden:   8-9 a.m.
[18:22]    CKTC:   Winter is good!
[18:22]    CKTC:   what is the cinematic orchestra?
[18:22]    creature feature:   a sort of jazz group
[18:23]    CKTC:   Oh! I don't know much about jazz, but I like listening to it. Except for the really arty stuff with no melody.
[18:23]    creature feature:   i don't really like jazz, but i like their stuff
[18:23]    CKTC:   Oh.
[18:25] * ansikalden twirls in a circle looking for her friends
[18:25] * cktc gets dizzy watching Ansi.
[18:25] * Azral waves at Ansi
[18:26]    Ansikalden:   Oh, there you are!
[18:26] * cktc tries to climb curtains as well.
[18:26]    Ansikalden:   CK, where's your dignity?
[18:26]    Azral:   Bad Kitty! Have you no shame!
[18:26]    CKTC:   What dignity? ;)
[18:26]    Azral:   There we go again! LOL!
[18:26]    CKTC:   Nope.
[18:27] * ansikalden says "Be dignified"
[18:27] * cktc tries really hard, but it goes against his nature!
[18:27]    Ansikalden:   OK, just a thought... ;)
[18:28]    CKTC:   LOL
[18:28]    creature feature:   awwwwww right! I was just browsing through my Amazon recommendations, and in my DVD section they recommended the first season of Red Dwarf - they're finally releasing it on DVD! Woohoo!
[18:29]    CKTC:   Hmm! I've never seen that show.
[18:29]    Ansikalden:   Red Dwarf, wonderful!
[18:29]    Azral:   I was watching RD last night on Sky! Did you see any
[18:29]    CKTC:   They've shown it on cable here, but I can't remember what channel.
[18:29]    Azral:   Back to back eps
[18:30]    creature feature:   i don't have sky, sob. i've only seen bits and pieces of it on the BBC
[18:30]    Azral:   Oh CF! Poor You! Come and visit one time and we can watch loads of RD!
[18:31]    creature feature:   that is a good idea :)
[18:31]    Ansikalden:   I'm years behind, lightspeed still takes time :(
[18:31]    creature feature:   they're releasing season 1 on Nov 4. Remind me to stop spending money this month, or I won't be able to buy all the November stuff I want!
[18:31]    Azral:   LOL!
[18:32]    CKTC:   Like Explorer.
[18:33]    creature feature:   top of the list
[18:33]    CKTC:   Heh!
[18:33] * ansikalden whispers "Explorer!"
[18:33]    CKTC:   Too many good things to wait for this season. Woohoo!
[18:34]    Azral:   So can't you just go and download the new version, like anyone else? :-p
[18:34]    Ansikalden:   It'll be dull after newyear
[18:34]    creature feature:   i hate it how everything good comes out in the winter. all the good films for example. it feels like having to starve all summer, then binge eat all winter!
[18:34]    CKTC:   No, 'cause then there's next year's batch of movies and books to wait for. Woohoo!
[18:34]    CKTC:   Well, blame the Oscars for that.
[18:34] * ansikalden suspects CK of liking to wait
[18:34]    CKTC:   I actually like the summer movies.
[18:34]    CKTC:   It's the time between Jan and April that sucks!
[18:35]    CKTC:   No good action movies. No good dramas.
[18:35] * cktc confirms ansi's suspicions.
[18:35]    creature feature:   i'm not usually keen on summer films
[18:35]    CKTC:   I like summer and winter films for completely different reasons. Both are good for me. The big action/sci-fi movies usually come out in summer.
[18:36]    Ansikalden:   But summer, oh lovely summer, go out into the nature not to the movies :p
[18:36]    creature feature:   yeh, i guess i'm not that keen on action films ftmp
[18:36]    CKTC:   But Jan-early April is usually a bad time since there are no good dramas or action movies.
[18:36]    CKTC:   Summer's too hot here! It's nice to cool off at the movies.
[18:36] damiriji is now Available
[18:36] === damiriji has joined
[18:37]    CKTC:   Miri-ji!
[18:37]    creature feature:   hey damiriji :)
[18:37]    CKTC:   Yes, we're still here.
[18:37]    damiriji:   you're stiil here!
[18:37]    CKTC:   Yup.
[18:37] * ansikalden remembers the hot summer...
[18:37]    damiriji:   LOL
[18:37]    Azral:   damiriji - Hi!
[18:37]    Ansikalden:   I mean normal summers
[18:37]    CKTC:   Heh!
[18:37]    damiriji:   marathon chat?
[18:37]    creature feature:   hmm, i should probably shower and go to bed soon. have to get up tomorrow, and i didn't sleep much last night
[18:37]    Ansikalden:   Yeah!
[18:37]    CKTC:   Our numbers have dwindled a bit.
[18:37]    damiriji:   was just popping
[18:38]    CKTC:   CF, you need to rest if you're still feeling under the weather.
[18:38]    CKTC:   Popping?
[18:38]    CKTC:   Oh my.
[18:38]    CKTC:   Is that dangerous?
[18:38]    damiriji:   yes
[18:38]    CKTC:   LOL
[18:38]    creature feature:   i think i'm getting over the illness now anyway
[18:38]    damiriji:   you need a license
[18:38]    CKTC:   Oh, good.
[18:38]    CKTC:   LOL!
[18:38]    Azral:   Thats' good the hear! CF
[18:38]    creature feature:   yeh, small compensation :b
[18:38]    Ansikalden:   I showered before the chat - I knew it would be more than two hours. I just have to move ten meters and jump into bed!
[18:38]    damiriji:   off to the beach. wish me luck!
[18:39]    CKTC:   Good luck!
[18:39]    damiriji:   bye
[18:39]    creature feature:   bye
[18:39]    CKTC:   Bye Miri!
[18:39] === damiriji has left
[18:39]    CKTC:   Well, I'm gonna have to go soon too.
[18:39]    creature feature:   hmm, i guess i better go too.
[18:39]    Ansikalden:   She is sooooo far behind!
[18:39]    creature feature:   oops, jinx there!
[18:39]    CKTC:   LOL.
[18:39]    Ansikalden:   :)
[18:39]    creature feature:   see you soon. bye everyone
[18:40]    CKTC:   Bye CF!
[18:40] * creaturefeature waves
[18:40]    Ansikalden:   Time to break up?
[18:40] === creaturefeature has left
[18:40]    Azral:   Bye CF - take care!
[18:40]    CKTC:   I think so.
[18:40]    Azral:   Guess it's time for me to go too!
[18:40]    CKTC:   This was fun.
[18:40]    Ansikalden:   good thing, it's monday tomorrow
[18:40]    Ansikalden:   really fun!
[18:40]    CKTC:   Do you mind if I'm the last one to go? I'm logging this chat and don't want to miss anything.
[18:40]    Azral:   Yes it's been really good!
[18:41]    CKTC:   Yes! Can't wait until we do this again.
[18:41]    Ansikalden:   Good bye, then, CK, Azral!
[18:41]    CKTC:   Bye Ansi!
[18:41]    Azral:   No probs! Nite Ansi, Nite CK, look forward to the next one!
[18:41] === ansikalden has left
[18:41]    CKTC:   Thanks for chatting so alte.
[18:41]    CKTC:   Bye, Azral!
[18:41]    CKTC:   Hope your cats behave. LOL.
[18:41] === Azral has left

End of chat.

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