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I made a little poll at the bottom right of this page.  Procrastinatory fit, you see.  Heh! 


A review of Paladin by Sabina is up.  I'm not sure what else to add to the Paladin page.  It's only one book with a few characters.  Not enough for a multi-page site.  I think I'll leave it the way it is.  If anyone has any ideas on what else to add, feel free to let me know.  I also added a more fancy version of the Taizu pic to my fan art page.

Hautdesert's very cool Foreigner Thought of the Day page has joined our webring. One quote not enough?  Refresh the page for a different quote.  I could do this all day...  Also, in March, the Book Club will be discussing Foreigner, one of my favorite CJC books in case you haven't figured that out already.

If anyone plans to attend Midsouth Con in March and wishes to contribute news/pictures of the event here, you'd be a hero to many (hint hint).


I've got some vacation time coming up.  I plan on updating this site sometime in mid to late February.  So in the meantime, you can keep yourself occupied by posting at the message board.  Or better yet, go see Fellowship of the Ring again.  Heh.


Two more websites, Sol Station's CJC Star Maps and Leuf Books, have joined the webring.  Pay them a visit, eh?  Also, the discussion on Pride of Chanur has begun in our monthly book club.  An overview by Cherryh Pit regular Sabina is up on the Chanur page.


Author/artist Jane Fancher  has been kind enough to join our webring!  Visit her official site to see her artwork on the Gate of Ivrel graphic novels as well as information about her own novels, the Groundties series and the Dance of the Rings novels.  Ms. Fancher is also a guest at the Midsouth Con in March. Know of someone with a CJC-related website?  Ask them if they'd be interested in joining the ring!  :)

Less than a month to go before our Monthly Book Discussions start.  The discussions will take place at the Babbling Books forum at our message board.  January's book: Pride of Chanur by (you guessed it) C.J. Cherryh.

I've updated the Big Book List and made some corrections.  Also have started working on the Chanur page.  I'll hopefully have something up by January.


C.J. Cherryh to be guest of honor at Midsouth Con in Tennessee in March 2002.  For further details, visit the Thanks to Dramliza for bringing this to my attention.

WHICH CYTEEN CHARACTER ARE YOU?  Or, if you prefer.... WHICH FOREIGNER CHARACTER ARE YOU?  Take these two very cool personality quizzes made by Shejian message board regulars Lady Marguerida and hautdesert, respectively.  These quizzes can also be found on the new Rainy Day Page.  Perfect your procrastination methods here!

We are starting a MONTHLY BOOK DISCUSSION at the message boards.  We will discuss a Cherryh novel every other month.  Non-Cherryh novels will be discussed in the remaining months.  Go to the Book Club page to see our schedule.  The first book up for discussion in January 2002 will be the first novel of the Chanur saga, Pride of Chanur.  Interested in discussing with us?  We love newbies!  You do not have to register at the board in order to post a message.

Finally, as always, I'm still looking for any kind of help I can get on this site.  If anyone out there is interestesd in contributing reviews, fan art, quizzes, or anything let me know!  Your contributions would be much appreciated!  E-mail me or post a message at the forums.


The cover art for Defender. What do you think of it?  Please read this letter and see if you agree.


READ DEFENDER YET?  Doesn't matter if you have or haven't.  Join us at the messageboard for discussion of the book!  There's a conversation  WITH SPOILERS for folks who've managed to get their grubby little hands on a copy and also one WITHOUT SPOILERS for those of you that are still waiting in fevered anticipation!  Registration is not required to post.  Newbies are most welcome to join!  Hit the ADD REPLY button and voice your opinion.


Made a few changes to the site.  I intend to do a lot more in the next couple weeks.  I especially want to update the Atevi Universe page since Defender is currently being released.

First, added menu buttons that will hopefully make navigation more convenient.  There should be a menu button on the top left of every major page (except this one).  Click on it and a menu should slide out from the left of the browser window. 

Second, in response to a post at the guestbook, I've made the text lighter.  I hope this is easier on the eyes.  If anyone still has trouble reading the text, please let me know.

Third, I've updated the characters page in the Atevi Universe section.  I also made some layout changes for easier navigation.  I will be finishing the synopsis of Inheritor within the week.  Hopefully, I'll have Precursor done by then as well.

Fourth, I updated the links page.

There were a few other minor changes here and there.  I can't remember all of them.


We will be having our first ever Cherryh Pit live CHAT on Sunday, October 21st from 11 AM EST (-5 GMT) to 1 PM. The chatroom is located at our Yahoo club page. Click here to visit that page, register, and practice using the chatroom. All are welcome, newbies, especially. We have no guest. Nothing fancy, I'm afraid. Just a bunch of Cherryh fans from our message board (as well as many people who have no idea who Cherryh is. The message board, unlike this website, is not limited to just C.J. Cherryh topics.) Hope to see all the regulars from the message board there. And I hope we see some new faces as well!

By the way, the overhaul is coming along slowly but surely. Please be patient. I'm working as fast as I can. I will be adding links here and opening up pages gradually. In the meantime, feel free to participate in Cherry related conversations at the message board. Commiserate with other Cherryh fans on the painfully long wait for her next Foreigner series novel, Defender! (Have you seen the cover art for it? Drop by and tell us what you think of it. Personally? I miss Whelan's art for this series.)


The fourth revamp has begun.  I'm trying to streamline the site a bit and make navigation easier.  I'll be tweaking things a bit in the next few weeks, so please bear with me if you click on a page and it isn't there yet.  I'll also try to add some new book summaries.


I've just created a Cherryh webring.  So far, this site is the only member.  Heh.  But hopefully people would be interested in joining?  We'll see. 


Nadi Hautdesert starts one of the funniest discussions at our C.J. Cherryh forum that I have seen in a long time. Imagine this: an atevi version of the popular kiddie show, Mr. Rogers. Click here to read on! Oh, and by the way, happy 4th, to all you Americans out there. And finally, yes, one of these days I really will get around to making some real updates to this site. *sigh*


Okay, I admit. I haven't really updated the site much. I simply haven't had the time to do so. Hey! I'm a first year medical resident. What do you expect? Heh. Anyway, despite the lack of activity at the main site, the Shejidan Bulletin Board (URL: is still alive and well. We just recently got our 205th member, and all the forums are active. So come and visit, why doncha? Join a conversation, or post your own poll and see the voting results. Woohoo!


As many of you know, the Shejidan forums are hosted by Well, ezboard has started a new site called Talk About Books, showcasing message board communities dedicated to reading, authors, books, etc. Shejidan is currently in their first ever showcase. Woohoo! Please check out the Talk About Books site and click on the Shejidan link. Feel free to stop by the forums and say hello. All C.J. Cherryh fans (and non-Cherryh fans) are most welcome!


Okay, I need help. Hate to say it, but residency is really keeping me from working on this site properly. If there is anyone out there interested in writing synopses or reviews of any Cherryh novel, I'd really appreciate the help. I try to have one short nutshell summary and one long, detailed one for each novel. That way, folks who haven't read it can get an idea of the story, while people who have read the book can quickly review the events and re-orient themselves before starting on a sequel. Also, if anyone has written any fan fics or done any artwork, that would be great too. So, what do you folks say? Any takers?

Oh, and in case any of you are wondering about why many of the links don't work, I'm still in the process of moving this site. I'm trying to edit as I move, so please bear with me. I'll have all the links working eventually. Hopefully by the end of August. I'll have a little more time in August.


I've added a new guestbook and cut and pasted entries from the old guestbook into it. Tweaked a few things here and there.


Yes, I have revamped and moved this site again.  I'm pretty sure this will be the last time.  Decided to go with Tripod this time since they offer the same amount of space as 50 Megs, only I have the choice of either embedded ads or pop-ups.  I prefer the pop-ups since they preserve my original page formats.  If you hide the ads behind this page instead of closing or minimizing them, they are pretty unobtrusive, in my opinion.

My webcounter is still at the other URL.  I'll be moving it here shortly.  I'm also looking into a better guestbook, one that's easier on the eyes.

I'm afraid I haven't been able to update the novel synopses much.  I just started my first year of residency, so I don't have much time to read.  I would gladly welcome any submissions from anyone out there who is interested.  I need one short 'in a nutshell' and one full-length summary for each book.  I'd greatly appreciate it if someone were willing to help out.

And, as usual, any submissions for the fan art and fan fic pages would be great.  So far, I've had zero luck with those.  Guess I'll just have to continue begging.


7-4-2000 to2-26-2002.