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March 23, 2002

Humans as Outsiders

Forum regular hautdesert ran across this interesting new article by J.G. Stinson entitled "Going Native: The Human as Other in Selected Works of C. J. Cherryh". This and other thought-provoking articles can be found at

CKTC || 1:54:14 PM ||

March 21, 2002

MidSouthCon 20

C.J. Cherryh is the Guest of Honor at this year's MidSouthCon held in Memphis, TN from March 22 to March 24. Sad to say, I don't know anyone who will be attending this event. So, stranger, if you're planning on going to the convention and you see this message here, think of your less fortunate fellow CJC fans, and consider sending us a bit of news, eh? Photos, editorials on the event...anything would be appreciated!

Site updates: Added another picture to Ansikalden's fan art gallery. Updated the Staff page.

CKTC || 4:30:29 PM ||

March 12, 2002

"Explorer" Jacket Art

Debra Euler, Managing Editor from DAW posted news about the jacket art for "Explorer" in the forums; and it's good news!

Hi all--

I received a letter recently from a bunch of you all (sorry for the delay in replying, it sorta got buried on my desk) asking about the proposed art for "Explorer." More specifically, asking who was going to be doing the illustration. Well, you'll be happy to hear that Michael Whelan is scheduled to illustrate "Explorer." In fact, he's reading the manuscript right now. Unfortunately for us, Michael took some time to concentrate on his private fine art, which is why we were unable to have him illustrate the last three "Foreigner" books. But he has now decided to do more illustration, and we jumped at the chance for him to do "Explorer" (and hopefully lots of other DAW covers in future!).

Debra Euler
Managing Editor
DAW Books

Here's the link to the complete thread:Jacket art for Explorer -

sevenall || 4:11:51 AM ||

March 8, 2002

At Ebay there are currently two Company games auctionated, one in the USA and one in the UK. So if anybody wants this - hurry.

Sabina || 2:53:41 PM ||

March 7, 2002

Recent Site Updates

Another addition to the fan art page, this time featuring a gallery from Sabina. See the excellent emoticons she made for the messageboard (which, unfortunately, I still haven't been able to load onto, the host site. Very frustrating.) Also, the staff page has been created, but is obviously not yet finished.

CKTC || 8:28:11 PM ||

Hanan Rebellion Back In Print? lists CJC's Hanan Rebellion (Brothers of Earth and Hunter of Worlds, originally published in 1976) as scheduled for publishing in June 2002. Their Hanan Rebellion page has no further information yet. So, I then went to the official DAW books site and perused their latest newsletter which, unfortunately, makes no mention of this. However, it does say that the hardcover edition of Explorer (Foreigner vol.6) and the paperback version of Defender (Foreigner vol.5) will both be released in November 2002. (An excruciatingly long wait, I agree.)

CKTC || 12:01:01 AM ||

March 6, 2002

This excellent page, C. J. Cherryh, Science Fiction and the Soft Sciences, at has recently been updated. I'm not sure how recently, but it can't have been very long ago since it contains reviews of Hammerfall and Defender as well as older and out of print books. (I was particularly interested in the Hunter of Worlds review.) The site also contains plenty of information about Cherryh herself. Intelligently written. I linked to this site a while ago on my links page, but I admit, I hadn't been back in a while to check it until tonight. (I was surprised to find a link to Shejidan there. To the webmaster, if you see this, thank you!)

I will be making more minor updates to Shejidan tonight. First, Ansikalden has kindly submitted another excellent picture for the fanart gallery. Second, the staff page will hopefully be up. Finally, I will try once again to get the animated emoticons Sabina made (a while back) onto the messageboard. Past attempts have ended up in utter failure and frustration. Hopefully, my third attempt will be more...felicitous.

CKTC || 8:19:49 PM ||

March 4, 2002

A couple of additions to the fan art page have been made. Most notably, there is a new artist. Ansikalden has a new page featuring a picture of Shiuan. (Thanks for the contribution, Ansikalden!) Also, there's a new picture of Taizu up on my page. Basically the same image as the one on the Paladin page, only with a different background. And yes, I messed up the grass. (Damn).

Meanwhile, at the messageboards....Relative forum newbie creature feature (CF) has demonstrated a sadistic knack for throwing topics off on a tangent. In this particular case, a rather horrifying musical one. See the gory details here, and note CF's post made on 3/4/02 9:32 AM (the 17th post from the top, I believe).

CKTC || 9:13:22 PM ||

March 3, 2002

Shejidan now has a staff. Woohoo! A few regulars at the message board have volunteered to help out with this site. I am extremely grateful to them for their aid. I will post a contributors' page soon, so that you folks can be formally introduced to them. If anybody else reading this is interested in joining us, please e-mail me at Thanks!

CKTC || 4:11:23 PM ||

March 1, 2002

There has been discussion among the message board regulars regarding the cover artwork for the next atevi novel, Explorer. Some have expressed a wish for Michael Whelan to do the cover. I found this bit of news on his official site (The Art Of Michael Whelan) which tells of an unfortunate recent injury. I hope he's feeling better. That painting arm of his is priceless.

CKTC || 3:55:14 PM ||

I am currently playing around with Blogger. Experimenting in the hopes that I can figure this out which will allow me to have other people contribute to the news and updates. I have no idea what I'm doing at the moment, so if the main page is messed up, sorry about that. I'm still bungling my way through this. Heh.

It's March, finally, and you all know what that means. Yes, Foreigner is the book we're discussing in the monthly Book Club. Woohoo! It's one of my personal faves. The atevi novels have generated plenty of other interesting discussions at the forums, so this should be good.

CKTC || 2:32:15 PM ||


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