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April 30, 2002

Updates & Downloads

First of all, tomorrow begins a new month, and I'd like to remind everyone that we are discussing The Paladin in the bookclub forum throughout the month of May. So if you've read this and would like to join us for some fascinating chats about Taizu and Shoka, do stop by. By the way, the Cherryh Pit message board recently got its 400th registered member. Woohoo!

I have updated Ansikalden's fanart page to include her version of the Baji-Naji symbol and a collaborative work between Ansi and hautdesert involving a teapot and teacup. Cool stuff. Check it out.

Last, but by no means least, a few of us (who probably have too much time on our hands) have been busy making wallpapers and other desktop goodies based on characters and books by CJC. Everything from an Atigeini Lily screensaver to a Jago desktop theme to Pyanfar Chanur wallpaper.

And as usual, more changes and updates are forthcoming.

CKTC || 8:25:32 PM ||

April 22, 2002 updated

Ms Cherryh has updated her homepage. There are sad news.

Sabina || 10:12:42 AM ||

April 15, 2002

David Cherry: Artist Guest of Honor at Con Jose

I found a nice bio page on the Goddess' famous artist brother, Mr. David Cherry, at Ensemble It includes a biography and link to samples of his work. (Sure, this bio was originally posted 5 months ago, but hey, it's news to me!) Also, he will be the artist guest of honor at The 60th Annual Worldcon (from August 29-September 2, 2002 in San Jose).

CKTC || 10:31:15 PM ||

April 11, 2002

Site Update

Are you already counting down the days until the release of Explorer? You're not the only one. It's a long, painful wait. But in the meantime, here are some excellent archived discussions that have been newly added to the Foreigner page. Everything from atevi eyeball anatomy, to Bren's love life, to speculation on what Mr. Rogers' show would've been like had he been atevi. It's all there. Read and enjoy.

CKTC || 2:17:37 PM ||

April 8, 2002

No More Pop-Ups

They are a pain, and I'm glad they're gone. That's all the news for today!

CKTC || 8:20:48 PM ||

April 6, 2002

Tests. Bah!

In case anyone's wondering at the lack of updates recently, it's because yours truly has to take a licensing exam this month. Gotta get the studying done, I'm afraid. Not to worry. Hautdesert, Sabina, Susan, and others at the messageboard have some excellent ideas brewing (along with the tea, of course), so good things should be coming along soon.

CKTC || 5:04:17 PM ||


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