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May 20, 2002

More Ramblings from the Webmaster

Watch out, world. Our own Ansikalden's managed to get her hands on Photoshop, and the results so far are lovely. Visit Ansikalden's fanart page and see her brand new creation, The Paidhi's Braid.

I was surfing around, lurking on Jane Fancher's page where I found a short bit about MidSouthCon 20 (halfway down the page) and how much she and Ms. Cherryh enjoyed it. Ms. Fancher states she's planning to post a section of her website about the con (Woohoo! Looking forward to it).

CKTC || 10:59:29 PM ||

May 11, 2002

Some Minor Updates

I've added Sabina's new emoticons to her fanart page. (The Vanye emoticon happens to be my favorite, although the shooting atevi assassin is very good too.) I'll have those emoticons up at the messageboard shortly. Also added a picture of Ilisidi to my own fanart page. That same Ilisidi picture has been made into two wallpapers on the Downloads page. And last but not least, there is a short essay on the Cyteen site explaining why one reader did not like the book.

Oh, and a reminder: The Hanan Rebellion is being republished next month. It's available for pre-order at for $7.99.

CKTC || 7:51:53 PM ||

May 10, 2002

Originally posted at, there is a short note in the latest Locus concerning the forthcoming Cherryh short story in the DAW 30th anniversary sf anthology.

"In "The Sandman, the Tinman, and the Betty B", C.J. Cherryh produces yet another of her trademark episodes of claustrophobic space salvage with e-mail added, a welcome return to her original, gritty, Merchanter sequence".

sevenall || 1:34:01 PM ||


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