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June 30, 2002

This Week's News

Sabina has 2 new images up at her fanart page. They are entitled Tea Time and Pheonix Logo. Curious to see what they look like? Visit her page!

Gate of Ivrel, the first book in The Morgaine Saga, is currently being discussed as book of the month at our book club. Anyone who's read the book is welcome to participate. You don't have to be a member of the forums to post an opinion, but you do have to be a member in order to vote in the polls.

Kelanth56, a semi-regular at the message boards, is planning on publishing a Foreigner Universe fanzine entitled "Ribbons". Submissions for poems, images, etc. are due on August 15, 2002. For more details, please visit the messageboard and click on the link near the top of the page.

Kelanth56 reports that Hammerfall has been nominated for a Campbell award. More information can be found at Locus Online.

CKTC || 11:21:48 PM ||

June 22, 2002

Some Common Questions Answered

Several of the regulars at the message board had some common questions for Ms. Cherryh regarding the new Foreigner Trilogy (books 7-9), the Cyteen sequel, Ms. Cherryh's (and Ms. Fancher's) wishlist page at, etc. Sabina was good enough to compile the questions into one e-mail, and the response was quick to say the least. Read all about it here.

CKTC || 6:20:44 PM ||

June 19, 2002

Latest Updates

Sabina has created a lovely new picture of an ateva for her fanart page. She's also made some cool new emoticons (which I will add to the messageboard soon).

At the messageboard, we're still pretty elated about the news of the 3 planned Foreigner novels (see Sabina's post below.) Current CJC topics include debates on the evolution of Hani civilization, how CJC covers violence in her novels, and chi breakfast cereals, among other things. Also, we are currently discussing a non-CJC book (Iain M. Banks' Inversions) at the monthly book club forum. June's discussion book will be Gate of Ivrel, the first novel of The Morgaine Cycle. Feel free to join us in our discussions at any time.

CKTC || 11:26:06 PM ||

June 14, 2002

There are very great news concerning foreigner, not only does the editor think that Explorer is really great, no, there will be three more books, titles as of yet unknown.
If you want to read the news for yourself, go to DAW, make sure to have JavaSrcipt enabled, go to Newsletter and scroll down till nearly the bottom of the page.

Sabina || 10:06:08 AM ||

June 4, 2002

We had gotten news about the Explorer cover at the Shejidan forum and here is somebodyelses take on the other Foreigner covers (scroll down)

Sabina || 12:46:24 PM ||


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