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September 6, 2002

Next Year's Book Club Selections

The selection process for next year's book club titles is underway. Join us at the forums and suggest some cool books, if you'd like! (Click here.) We choose 6 CJC books and 6 books by other authors, and we discuss one book per month at the forums. As always, newbies are welcome!

CKTC || 10:09:10 PM ||

September 3, 2002

Puns & Punting
The first-ever Shejidan UK Get-Together occured over the last weekend on a bright Saturday morning in Cambridge. According to preliminary reports, a fun time was had by all! Read Creature Feature's account of their day (the short version now--she's promised us a longer one later, woohoo!), and read how the non-UK forum regulars moped, green with envy and rather annoyed by the Brits' unseemly gloating!

In other news, submissions for the next issue of Ribbons are being accepted. Rules for submission are listed on the first page of the current issue. And as usual, submissions for the Fan Art and Downloads section of this website are more than welcome.

Finally, we are currently discussing Cyteen at the book club (at our forums). We welcome any newbies and lurkers to join in. We're also choosing next year's list of books to read, so if you have a recommendation, feel free to post it here.

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